MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you ask for the sponsorship money back?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Would you ask for the sponsorship money back?

A few months ago a friend of yours entered to run a marathon in aid of Cancer Research. You knew it would be difficult for them so agreed pay £50 in sponsorship, which has already come out of your bank account and gone straight to the charity. The race took place last week but you've just heard that your friend actually completed less than half the distance becuase they were tired and also went out drinking the night before. Would you ask for the sponsorship money back?
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As with all charities they have their supporters and detractors. THis thread isn't here to discuss the pros and cons of the charity. It's about the dilemma of sponsorship, so in your own head feel free to replace Cancer Research with NSPCC, Re_Cycle or any other you support.

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  • kelda_shelton
    kelda_shelton Posts: 1,097 Forumite
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    No - but I'd make it clear I thought they'd copped out and they shold also donate a big chucnk to the casue to make up for it
  • hpiper
    hpiper Posts: 166 Forumite
    I'd be very cross that the person abused my trust and wouldn't sponser them again in the future.. The money has aleady been spent so I wouldn't worry about that.
  • Ephemera
    Ephemera Posts: 1,604 Forumite
    I wouldn't ask for the money back but I would make it clear to the person concerned that I was not happy at their behaviour and would not support them in such a thing again.
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  • taka
    taka Posts: 3,483 Forumite
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    No I would not ask for the money back... Its going to a good cause and I'd chosen to support it by sponsoring my friend. I have to say I'd be a bit annoyed with my friend about the hangover getting in the way of the marathon though and depending on the friend I'd probably try and guilt trip them into doing something else for the charity to make up for it! :rolleyes:
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  • bagby
    bagby Posts: 828 Forumite
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    agree with above posts. Wouldnt ask for my money back as I think when you sponsor someone it is for the charity and it doesnt matter what the person is actually doing although I would think twice about sponsoring that person again.
  • gibby
    gibby Posts: 426 Forumite
    I wouldnt throw my money away to Cancer research in the first place

    they admitted last year that they have got no further forward and that 99% of their research is a waste of time

    donating to cancer research means you give to very highly paid scientists to test on animals - often without care of pain killers
    they do this massively, cats, dogs, rabbits, primates etc

    despite billions being ploughed into CA and similar firms there are more ppl dying of cancer than ever before

    80% of US Drs claimed they would not take current cancer cures as the treatment kills more ppl than the cancer does

    for alternative research groups check out the EMP or dr hadwen trust

    sorry to be negative but it annoys me when i see money wasted on CA etc and ppl dying when other methods are far better -

    never take advice from broke or unsuccessful people

    Jim Rohn
  • split decison- she did half race, so owes you 1/2 money back.. but if you can afford to 'lose' the whole amount to charidee, all well and good.

    thogh the slacker needs to buy you a few rounds to make up for it.:beer:
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  • Marisan
    Marisan Posts: 96 Forumite
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    I wouldn't ask for the money back,as it is hardly the Charity's fault that my friend let us both down.Cancer Research is my chosen charity anyway,having lost both parents and father-in-law as well as friends (one just a teenager) to this dreadful disease.
    However,my mate could whistle next time he/she came looking for sponsership.
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  • I would not ask for my money back. If he was a friend I would know what he is like and despite all his training wouldn't be at all surprised if he went drinking the night before. I would (a) applaud his efforts and (b) willingly donate to such a good cause.
  • I would certainly ask for half of it back. However, I rarely sponsor people in this way (if at all) before they have completed the challenge. Some people climb a volcano or cylcle across Peru for charity and I don't contribute to their experience as I feel I am paying for their holiday rather than giving money to charity since they go for free if they raise enough money. A marathon is close to that if you don't train (as it can be a fun experience) so I wait to see if they train and work at it before I contribute.
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