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    If you do not want to claim JSA because you have left your job voluntarily how about claiming Council Tax Benefit?

    If your job finished today presumably the money you have received is for the month of April which means you should get Council Tax Benefit for the whole of May.

    If you go to your local council tomorrow and fill in the claim form and take all your documents then they have to process your claim within 14 days. The information you will need is proof of ID like a passport, driving licence .etc, proof of NINO which could be a wage slip, last 2 wage slips & 3 months of bank statements for all accounts you hold.

    When you complete the form if you put on there that as of today you are no longer employed they will be able to start paying you from Monday. Claims always go from a Monday so if you wait until next week to go in you could be missing out on one weeks money.

    If you have any questions fire away

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    Just wanted to say good luck, i'll def be keeping an eye on this thread as i'm hoping to cut my spending right down for may to try and throw some cash at my debts :S all the tips people have given you are fab, ooh you might want to try free bingo it made me £180 one month!
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    Why don't you start a thread on money saving old style? They will be able to show you how to feed yourselves on whatever you have left over from your essential payments. Just put in how much you have for how many days and the meal and shopping plans will pour in.

    They have fab threads like 'meals for under a pound' and other ideas for money saving round the house.

    One recipe I've used is - 1 tin value plum tomatoes, 1 tin value baked beans, 200grams of cooked value pasta - mix together and mop up juices with value bread. I felt doubtful when I saw it, but I tried it and it has become a weekly fave in our house. Amazingly it gives two people 2 portions towards the five of fruit and veg a day. I've also used the magic mix over value potatoes that I've just boiled. If the skins are ok I don't bother to peel them as they are a good source of fibre.
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    Well done to you. I think it is brilliant that you have taken on a new job. As others have suggested, I would try doing a load of mystery shopping assignments - Free stuff and you get paid for it.
    If you have a gym membership - cancel it. You can always run outside as it *supposedly* going to get better weather soon.
    Use Ebay - the best thing that you can ever do.
    Gumtree also have some stay at home job that you can do in your spare time. Not all of these are cons but be careful.
    Sign up for some competitions and the more sign on for, the more likely you are to win.
    Do some paid surverys too.
    Do some consulting work that relates to your new job or old job.

    Good luck to you.
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    Why is there so much month left at the end of my money?
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    Again - get the free Orange sim card that includes 1000 texts, do not use go over your mobile usage and text people to ring you back asap.
    Credit Card - 10,261.46 8000
    Loan from Parents -
    2166.85 2031.42
    Student Loan -
    2292.222332.25 (my miscalculation)
    Total Debt @ 29/08/2014:
    14,720.53 12363.67
    Why is there so much month left at the end of my money?
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    Don't forget to eat from the freezer-we do that for a week once a month and it's amazing what you forget is lurking on those shelves!!

    I've been selling on ebay for years and it's great-anything you haven't worn or used for a year (or two!) sell it!

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned looking at the items for sale and getting an idea of current start and end of auction prices.

    Good Luck. S.
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    If you like music,how about giving slicethepie a go? There is a thread all about it on 'up your income'. You need a paypal account and they pay you when you have over £5 in your account. I love it and have been doing it for months. It wont make you rich but it might help with paying for the smaller things you find you need .
    If you eat salads, what about buying a packet of rocket/roquet seeds and growing them on the windowsill in a pot ,to go in your sandwiches. They are speedy growers(hence the name),likewise with mung beans and cress etc.
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    Dig! find someone with an allotment who needs help right now digging ready for planting potatoes etc. Beds with the last of the leeks and parsnips needs clearing not, so you'l get to take some home (both make lovely soup) and an IOU for getting all those gluts of lovely beans and courgettes in a couple of months time!

    Host 'bring a dish' meals with a few friends - you can do the garlc bread, tea and coffee and hospitality.

    Host a 'cast -offs/freecycle/exchange' party - ditto (I heard of someone who did this the day her plaster cast came off her arm!). They'l probably be stuff you can ebay that working friends don't have the time/energy to sell.

    Offer to help a friend/relative decorate/deep clean carpets etc in exchange for food/lifts/ (or better!)

    Use freecycle.

    Maybe one or two of these ideas wil be some use!
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    southernscouser quote

    'Have you thought about comitting a minor crime. One that has a prison sentence of, oh I dunno, say 40 days?'
    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    you do of course know that ........
    'There is many a true word spoken in jest'
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  • I agree with the post re JSA benefits you should be able to get a reduction in council tax - some money to live on and might get interest paid on mortgage go do it now. Find your nearest budget supermarket - shop there. only go shopping with cash no temptation to overspend. Don't go shopping as a leisure activity just for food.Get hold of a pressure cooker ask you friends or look on freecycle, you can then cook veg & soups etc quickly and cheaply
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