Living on next to nothing challenge - Day 1 of 40

Hi All

I leave my job on Wednesday! But don't start my new one until June 2nd

My current job has just paid me my last salary and I reckon I won't get paid until end of June - eek!

My bank account has £744 in it!

Can it be done? can you live on next to nothing!

I kinda thought this thread would help keep me focused on what I am and am not spending and give a safe haven from daytime telly and the urge to shopping.

Can anyone give me some top tips or suggestions - and it would be great if any of you will kick my butt if I go off the straight and narrow!

I reckon this is day 1 of 40!



  • Skippycat
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    Good luck with your challenge :D. I'm sure it'll be difficult at times but if you stay motivated you'll make it. Have you worked out a daily/weekly budget or anything like that for it?
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  • Skippycat
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    If you have got plenty of free time then it would be a good opportunity to have a sort out / tidy and ebay any stuff you no longer want.
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  • louise30_2
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    Haven't worked out a budget or anything - had one for last job, but basically need to spend nowt!

    I think I will need to rely on my overdraft (for a start my mortgage is £500!).

    My silver lining is that my new job is much better paid than this one!

    I plan to have a good sort out. Problem is I am scared of ebay and never know how much to charge for anything, so am likely to just give everything to a charity shop!
  • GirlRacer_2
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    If you have any books or CD's try Amazon Marketplace. I've made over £200 in the last month. I was scared of E-bay but Amazon is dead easy. Good luck with your challenge and keep us posted on your progress.
  • temba
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    What about mystery shopping? If you've got loads of free time you could give it a go.
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  • SugarSpun
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    What about temping?
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  • The best tool you've got is your budget... we don't know how we managed to stay afloat without one!

    You need to make sure you know exactly how much you need for your regular bills during that period, and anything that's left over should be put into your budget to account for items you need for living on a weekly or even daily basis. And the most important thing to remember is to stick to that budget... if you use up all your shopping budget (for example) on the second day of your week, you'll just have to make do with what you've got until the following week. It's easier to do this weekly rather than monthly as it's not too long to wait until you can top up your various budgets.

    We find that the best way to split the money after bills is into three categories: Shopping, Petrol and Sundries (anything else). This covers most things while making sure you take care of the basics.

    Good luck, and let us know how you're getting on!

    Mr E
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  • louise30_2
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    Might try the amazon thing - does it work for older cds too?
    Got Lots of 90s stuff

    Am happy to do bits of work that won't take loads of time. But am having the break from work before new job as was ill last year and has really taken it's toll.
    Am shattered (but never rest!) so am using this time to get organised. Plus my mam goes into hospital for major heart op next week and want to be available to see to her if she needs me!

    I cut my grass today - and discovered i had 2 lawn mowers in my shed - do you reckon I could sell one on Ebay? It's old, but its a flymo, so its ok.
  • kitschy
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    Good luck to you! :beer:

    It'll be lovely to have a nice break before cracking on with your new job, and although it'll be a push, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I've made about £300 in the last couple of weeks selling old clothes on ebay, and quidco is worth doing too. I never seem to have time to do mystery shopping, but you should have a little of that:p

    Look forward to seeing how you get on, fingers crossed! (And well done on the new job!):D
  • Burlesque_Babe
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    hop over to the Freebies board and sign up for EVERYTHING! You should be able to snare some shampoo, conditioner, some money off coupons and other bits and bobs, sometimes sachets of washing powder and clothes conditioner.

    Also sign up to Slice the Pie. There is a thread on Up Your Income. It doesn't generate much but it all helps!
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