Living on next to nothing challenge - Day 1 of 40



  • louise30_2
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    might try signing up for the freebies - might make that Thursday's job - my first day off!

    Am concerned that it will lead me to getting loads of junk mail though?
  • southernscouser
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    Have you thought about comitting a minor crime. One that has a prison sentence of, oh I dunno, say 40 days? :confused:

  • Ninnins
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    Hey, mystery shopping, there's an idea! How do I get on that??!
  • louise30_2
    louise30_2 Posts: 177 Forumite
    lol! Just realised it's not 40 days - it's 72 ARGH!

    If I don't get paid until end of June, it's 72 days! oh god!
  • flutterbyuk25
    flutterbyuk25 Posts: 7,009 Forumite
    Good luck to you

    Ebay isn't that scary once you give it a go. Read throught the sticky on the Ebay board and start small.

    I'd second amazon marketplace for dvds/books/cds and also try Play Trade. (threads with guides for newbies on both are on the Ebay board)

    Also for books try greenmetropolis, cna be slow to sell, but as you've got time on your hands you can list all your books and hopefully will get some sales.

    Hop over to Old Style board for cheap meal plans etc.

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  • baccyman
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    when my partner and i go shopping we try to buy the BOGOF items to stock the freezer and we also look out for the ready meals that have been reduced and put them in the freezer untill we need them,
    that helps to save a few quid when shopping.
  • beanielou
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  • Hey well done on the better job!!! Use the freebies sites yeah deffo!! An value products, boots baby bath really nice. Bottles of water instead of cola when you go out. Go to the local library and read the money saving books for free. I got loads and its really motivated me, although i spent 3.00 today on dinner at work.

    Shopping lists! They really work, plan some nice meals, cheap.
    Im not doing too good at this but really hope you can do it!!
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  • looby-loo_2
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    I've just started selling on Gumtree - no fees at all and very simple
    Doing voluntary work overseas for as long as it takes .......
    My DD might make the odd post for me
  • louise30_2
    louise30_2 Posts: 177 Forumite
    Thanks for all your advice yesterday

    Woke up this morning feeling quite positive. didn't spend a bean yesterday and managed to get a few jobs done at home!

    Gonna try not to spend today, have brought lunch from home!

    Wish me luck!
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