Midges in scotland

Me and the OH are going on holiday to Scotland next week for two weeks. We are driving around.. Loch Lomond, Mull and Skye etc. We have organised everything.. accommodation, activities - (open canoeing, kayaking, wildlife walks, whale watching, horseriding), ferries etc. It should be really good and we've managed to keep the cost down.

We are going to camp some nights to save money. But I keep reading about the midges. Apparently they are huge blood suckers. Has anyone had any experience of them and if so just how bad will they be this time of the year. What time do they come out or are they around all day and night? Also any equipment that might be handy?/advice etc??

Saving money is fun :A


  • Edinburghlass_2
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    Early evening time is the worst and buy some Avon Skin So Soft spray moisturising dry oil spray ;)
  • aliasojo
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    The Avon stuff usually works well, but for some reason it was useless this year. We went off for a walk up a hill somewhere and I got bitten everywhere and ended up with big itchy lumps which I scratched until I bled. :D

    Having said that, it was last year's dregs which I was using, so maybe it had lost it's potency?

    Long sleeves are advised, lol.
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  • starkiller
    Just returned from 4 days camping near Edinburgh and my lower legs are a right state! Haven't had bites like these for years...! Not to put you off mind. I didn't take any insect spray (novice camper!) but I know to take it next time.LOL! My saving grace has been Jungle Formula Spray haven't got it handy for its full name. Small aerosol mines blue. Works an absolute dream!

  • misesther
    Unfortunately you will be bitten unless you smoke! :cool: The midges don't like smoke. Therefore, when you're camping you MUST light a fire. They won't come near you then. On a brighter note, they are almost gone by now and should definately be gone in two weeks time. Skye is the worst place for them.
  • Jay-Jay_4
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    We camped at Torosay Castle on Mull in May this year. I have NEVER in my life seen midges like them!!!! We had gallons of pure DEET all over us, our clothes and our tent.....they quite like the stuff! :rolleyes: Luckily we were at an outdoorsy event which had a shop which sold Midge nets....basically a mesh hood which goes over your head. Then you pull your sleeves down over your hands and make sure that your socks are over your pants. This protected us but made for some stumbling in the dark as the light from our headtorches bounced off the nets.

    One other competitor had 80 bites on ONE ARM the following morning.

    Anyway we had a good time and I'm sure that you will too :D Don't camp near trees or water and try to get in your tent, with the doors fully zipped by sundown.
    Just run, run and keep on running!

  • critical1
    Hmm when I was in the Mull a few years ago I just asked a local what they used and it was very effective...
  • Smiley_Mum
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    I think citronella is effective. I think you should be able to get it at health shops. Saw the weather girl on GMTV one morning with a midgie net that totally covered her head. Saw an ad once where the guy had a baseball cap with a large peak on and stretched a stocking over the top and tucked it into his shirt. :cool: That would certainly stop the suckers biting you.
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  • innovate
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    Don't eat any bananas - they make your skin expel something irresitable to midges

    Some campers swear by Vitam B1 pills but they didn't work for me.

    Not sure you can get it in the UK but it's good 'heavy duty' stuff: Cutter's Sportsman or Deep Woods Off (Johnson & Johnson) repellents

    In any case, though: take something really good (get it in a Chemist) to take the sting out of stings - - I am afraid, chances are, you will get bitten!
  • bluesnice
    OMG.. it sounds like its gonna be a nightmare! Thanks for your replies I'm gonna try some spray and a net! I'm look and smell a right twerp! :o
    Saving money is fun :A
  • Colcoops
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    Skin So Soft is used by the local bobbies and fishermen so must be good. Best buying it here but is available in some of the local pubs for £5 a go.
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