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Free chess sets for every school in England (merged)

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Free chess sets for every school in England (merged)

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Official Insert:

The English Chess Federation is offering schools in England free chess sets. It has 250,000 to give out and estimates that it'll be able to give 10 sets to each school, although this figure may differ depending on demand.

How do you get one?

To get one, send the school's name, address and a contact email address to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] or send an email via the English Chess Federation website. As the chess sets will be distributed from September/October, schools need to register by the end of the summer term 2008 (meaning the next couple of weeks). It may take up to a year to distribute all 250,000 so you'll need to be patient if your school doesn't get its set(s) straight away.

Many thanks to MoneySaver HelenKA for the top spot.

Back to the original post...

The Sets

Every school will get TEN full size (4” king!) chess sets produced in virtually indestructible ABS – as shown
The board is over 46cm to a side. Unlike roll up mats or card playing surfaces these boards will always stay flat and are durable enough to stand many years of (ab)use in schools!
The pieces are stored in a plastic carton (supplied!) and each box of 10 sets contains basic play guides and information on how your school can participate in other aspects of the Chess for Schools project

Only problem is I'm in Scotland :confused:



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