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Old Style Days Out



  • Rebob
    Rebob Posts: 1,010 Forumite
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    The other week we went camping for 3 nights @ £4.50 pn
    1 day out at the robin hood festival free £3 parking
    1 day at lincoln cathedral suggested donations we were skint so it was all the change we had about £2.50 and paid £2.60 for parking
    cheap four day holiday as we took picnics with us.
    The best bargains are priceless!!!!!!!!!! :T :T :T
  • System
    System Posts: 178,092 Community Admin
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    Mrs Thrift, as you know i am just up the road from you and occasionally we take our lads here. Its not something that interests me greatly, but i enjoy going occasionally. Do yourself a picnic and it will only cost you the price of the fuel (which wont be a lot).
  • Mrs_Thrift
    Mrs_Thrift Posts: 387 Forumite
    I hadn't realised it was free, thanks Judi! It's not something I'd be interested in either, but Mr Thrift will LOVE it! Maybe we should all go at the same time and you and I can have a natter and the boys can look at boy stuff? :)
  • 16011996
    16011996 Posts: 8,313 Forumite
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    we go to the museum of science and industry in manchester, which is free, when staying with friends who live quite close by. is an excellent day out, and with the size of it, you struggle to fit it all in in one day. another favourite is Williamson Park, Lancaster. bout half hour or so drive for us. most of its free, the butterfly house charges you to go in, but with a picnic we can spend all day there and its beautiful. stanley park in blackpool is excellent. lots to do there too.
  • Anyone know of any good (cheap) places to park in Lincoln? We are not overly far from it but have only passed through and I'd like to go on one of the ghost walks!
  • jazzyjustlaw
    jazzyjustlaw Posts: 1,378 Forumite
    You should be able to go by National Express for £1.00 each way if you go to say London or another city. You could go to London then go to Bournemouth or Poole its lovely there although I do live here.

    go to the link doesnt work you will have to go on to then click on ways to save then you will see funfare.
    All my views are just that and do not constitute legal advice in any way, shape or form.£2.00 savers club - £20.00 saved and banked (got a £2.00 pig and not counted the rest)Joined Store Cupboard Challenge]
  • picnics, country walks, if you get National Trust membership you get free parking and access to the parks is free BUT tonight there is a FREE SHOW!!!!! about 1-3 a.m. tomorrow morning there is a meteor shower coming from Persius (look for The Plough and go to the right) - estimated to be about 80 shooting stars per hour at it's height. flask and bacom butties anyone?????
    But I'm going to say this once, and once only, Gene. Stay out of Camberwick Green :D
  • Mrs_Thrift
    Mrs_Thrift Posts: 387 Forumite
    Should that be visible from all over the country, Rage? I'd love to see something like that - I've never seen a shooting star! It was cloudy here earlier but it's brightening up now, so fingers crossed....
  • We live on the South Coast and take full advantage of walks along the coast or in the New Forest. Every Saturday our local paper prints a circular walk and we have done loads of them. They have good directions and usually end up at a pub or cafe for a shandy or cuppa if you like. One excellent place to visit if you are ever near Portsmouth is Fort Nelson / Royal Armouries. Free entry. Lots to see and do and find out about the olden days and with a panoramic view over the whole of Portsmouth harbour - fantastic!
    My mum in law said that years ago when she was first married and with little money; her and father in law would work through the alphabet to go and see new places they had not seen in their own locality eg place beginning with A, then next week with B and so on. Fun idea.
  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,129 Forumite
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    Mrs_Thrift wrote:
    Should that be visible from all over the country, Rage? I'd love to see something like that - I've never seen a shooting star! It was cloudy here earlier but it's brightening up now, so fingers crossed....
    It'll be visible from most of the planet! Cloud permitting :)
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