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    The article lays down the requirements for owning a licence very clearly, however the organisation (a company called Capita) which the BBC employs to maximise revenue from TV licences uses some rather heavy handed tactics in following its remit.

    TV Licensing treats everyone who does not have a licence, for perfectly legal reasons or otherwise, as a criminal. Their current TV advert says, very menacingly, "we have a record of every house without a TV licence". The DVLA don't put out adverts saying "we have a record of every house without a driving licence". TV Licensing seem to turn the basic premise of English (and Scottish!) Law on its head, by saying that you are guilty until you prove your innocence.
    Employees of TV Licensing have no legal powers whatsoever. Despite this they send out threatening letters referring to their "officers" and threats to interview you i.a.w. The Police & Criminal Evidence Act, it is all bluster. Some of it is almost libellous.
    They have no right of entry to your house, you do not have to speak to them, if you tell them to leave your property, they must do so.
    Remember - they have to prove that you are acting illegally - you don't have to prove to them that you are not. You do not have to give a reason for not having a TV licence either.

    If you should have a licence buy one ! but don't put up with the bullying tactics of TV Licensing if you don't need one.
  • lamplamp Forumite
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    I look forward to the day TV licencing collapses. No profit-making company would be permitted to behave in the disgraceful manner TVL do
  • I am deaf, and my wife is blind! What sort of discount can I expect on my television tax?:confused:
  • ShamblerShambler Forumite
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    50% off if you show your wifes ophthalmic certificate.
  • I do not have Sky Television I do not pay for sky. Whether or not I watch BBC TV I have to pay for it. This is wrong i should have a choice. I have no say in the huge salaries paid to some people on TV.
    The BBC is State Television used by Governments to control the public guardians of Royalty, Republicans are given no space on BBC. For years the BBC was controlled by the green book, the establishment decided what we should hear or see rather like Communist Soviet Union. Some of these control freaks are still around. Journalists don't complain they would all like to work for the BBC, a licence to print money.
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    Turn off the TV and read a good book. The stuff on TV these days is beyond bizarre.
  • Does anyone know if being blind in one eye is classed as visually impaired and entitled to e reduced tv licence fee?
  • Nice try Sandra, but in the land of the blind the one eyed man is King.:p
  • bandannbandann Forumite
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    My mother (age 91) has now moved in with me, Does anyone know if I can get and refund on my licence and apply for the "free" one she gets?
  • JimArnoldJimArnold Forumite
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    Interesting that Martin repeats the TV licensing site that a student will need a separate license if they plug their laptop onto an aerial.

    It has always been a requirement to have a licence if you plug into the mains but the aerial is a new one and does not seem to be covered by any legislation

    I have asked the TVL THREE times if this is new legislation and they have avoided answering merely quoting the mains connection

    I suspect that this is just another example of them getting extra fees by confusing people
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