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NEW MANTRA: BT don't press 3

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mobiles
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  • Simple cure in the Slug household, each phone has a small note taped to the handset "1471-3 Costs money."

    We also have the prefix for using One Tel, when that is the cheapest, but find TeleSavers is better for many calls we make now.

    "What the large print giveth - doth the small print taketh away."
  • eddmededdmed Forumite
    38 posts
    I hate BT. Any suggestions for a better company(cant get cable where i live)
  • I never read the small print
  • I've just discovered B.T. are now making a standard charge of £4.50 for the privelege of being paid. It is called "payment charge" on their bills, and is their apparent cost of processing a debit card payment!!!!!
  • I have found out that BT are charging me 12p everytime i dial 1471 not 1471-3, but everytime i dial 1471, i have phoned the call centre, which is in India (waist of time they don`t understand the question) so i asked for a english first language speaker, she said i can`t happen, i said it has been happening since at least june 2009 (i can only check my billing up to that date) so she came up with the bright idea of barring 1471, i can do that myself by not dialling 1471 in the first place, so i said can you block the ringback part,because i need to use 1471, no that can`t be done she said. why can`t it?
    i have sent various emails and also a letter to BT and it`s still not been sorted out.
    has anybody else been charged for dialling 1471 without call back? (without dialling 3)
    check your bills, i can`t be the only one, can i?
  • Could you ask someone with English as their first written language to post your question for you? (And preferably not appended to a thread that is more than six years old.) Thanks.
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