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Nutritious and filling food in a microwave?

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Nutritious and filling food in a microwave?

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johannejohanne Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
Do any of you have any tips/suggestions of food i can cook in a microwave that wont be junk and will fill me up?

Just working out timescales for me moving into my new house and unfortunetly i may have to last a week maybe 10 days without an actual cooker or hob :(

i know beans on toast etc will be an option (i have a kettle and toaster too) and ready meals of course but i dont think i can afford ready meals and they taste like rubbish and small portion sizes :(


  • BWZN93BWZN93 Forumite
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    Scrambled Eggs can be done in the microwave, as can frozen peas and broccoli. I dont know about anything else though, I barely use a microwave although im sure some of the more knowledgeable types will give you a whole list of stuff!

    Hope the move plans are going well!

    Jo xx
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    You could get a cooked chicken from the supermarket and do some veg in the microwave... can not really think of anything that cook from start to finish in it..

    good luck. x x
  • Will you have a freezer? The best option would be to make some HM 'ready meals' - package things like chilli/curry and rice into single-serving portions before you move. Then you can still eat decent stuff without much faff.

    You could do lasagne, shepherd's pie, soups...
  • johannejohanne Forumite
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    yeah i will have a freezer! thats a fab idea didnt think of that!

    Also just remembered the shop on the corner of my street is a pizza place so there is one nights treat sorted! lol Not very moneysaving or oldstyle but oh well. lol
  • nightsongnightsong Forumite
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    Yes, I thought of scrambled eggs too, they are excellent done in the microwave. Also porridge, if you want a hot brekkie. Other than that I only use mine for defrosting things and cooking veg, so sorry I can't be more help.
  • se999se999 Forumite
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    What about Jacket potatoes, they taste nicer with crunchy skin but they're Ok without, and then lots of choice of the normal cheese/cottage cheese/coleslaw fillings.

    See if you can find the recipe book that came with the microwave, they tend to have the cooking times for fish etc in them.

    But can you borrow kitchen gadgets from friends/relatives like raclettes, those grill machines, sandwich toasters or steamers. It's only for a few days and most people have something unused in the back of a cupboard. That way you can have more variety, and also see if they are useful enough to actually buy.

    Hope you enjoy your new home.
  • DaisyNelsonDaisyNelson Forumite
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    Beg or borrow a microwave cookery book, you can cook almost everything in a microwave.
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  • squeakysqueaky Forumite
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    I've done a tuna bake - all ingredients from scratch - in a microwave. Liver casserole. Gosh, loadsa things. For a few (thousand) more ideas:-
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  • lellielellie Forumite
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    you can always make sponge pudding in the microwave, just normal sponge mix, put a cup of water in next to it to keep it steamy and moist. you can cook any veg in the microwave, you can probably get away with making bolognese etc too, any kinda pasta sauce really, just take it out every minute or so to stir it. "boiled" and thus mashed potatoes are fine.

    you can even cook whole joints of bacon if you're feeling adventurous!!
  • What type of microwave is it? As if it is one with a convection oven in then you can still use it like an oven.

    Other than that the microwave can be used to make rice pudding.

    Omlettes are also nice I find. I have an omlette maker which just means you chuck the mixture in this thing then cook it for a bit then close it up and cook it a bit longer and it comes out omlette shaped. I hope that makes sense.

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