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March 2008 Grocery Challenge

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • mumzyof2 wrote: »
    Heya, it was me who posted the recipe. They are so loverly and soft...3days on :) and taste loverly too. Good luck

    Hi mumzyof2, even copied it and put it into my recipe folder, but unfortunately that bit got cut off for some reason. Thanx a mill, will let you know how it tastes. Am still a learner at this baking thing, can cook anything, but baking's another thing all together lol. Have a good night.

    x x x
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  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    Hi mumzyof2, even copied it and put it into my recipe folder, but unfortunately that bit got cut off for some reason. Thanx a mill, will let you know how it tastes. Am still a learner at this baking thing, can cook anything, but baking's another thing all together lol. Have a good night.

    x x x

    your welcome and im still a learner too :) im only 20 tho and didnt do much baking when i was a kid... i dont think id bake now but i do it with/for the kids :)
    your username isnt it suppose to be caspermeetswendy? LOL well thats what the new programme is called on my sons fav tv channel..that i dont stop watcing till 7pm when they go bed lol begins with J and ends in X, 5 letters if your wondering which one LOL only got it cause he is obsessed with PRangers
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  • Kaz2904Kaz2904 Forumite
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    So DH went and did a biggish spending shop. £5.47 for tobacco and filters. £17.92 for pasta, milk, 3 packs sweets, 2 nasty white breads (I had a loaf in BM so he'll have to freeze it) 2 packs mushrooms, 2 lots chrry toms, mozarella, iceberg, 6 tins tuna, mayo, pack peppers, 2 whoopsied organic mangoes (10p each), baking potaoes and bananas.
    I've updated my sig but think we'll scrape through the next 9 days. We have cereal, flour, meat, fish, fresh/dried fruit, and fresh/frozen veg.
    I had hoped to get the budget as far as 31st but doubt it'll happen. 18 days will be pushing it!
    Having said that, every day after 22nd I manage will be quite an achievement!
    Mumzy, your green light is on. What on earth are you doing still up? Go to bed- I'm getting paid to be up (well not right now, I'm on break!).
    I'll try to pop in tomorrow, Kaz.
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  • shelovestobuystuffshelovestobuystuff Forumite
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    Another £23 ods on add on shopping over the last week or so as well as things I forgot to buy,pineapple,soy sauce,beef.Total still looking okay.:D
    I really want to stay a bit under my target for this month and next month to compensate for the £140 :eek: I just spent on dance costume,ballet and tap shoes and a some lessons for DD.
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  • icandreamicandream Forumite
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    icandream wrote: »
    Has somebody posted a millionaire's shortbread recipe? I've bought the lidl ones - about 69 pence for 4 I think, and they are absolutely delicious, but it would be good to try making. But I can't find the recipe?

    Can anybody help: I've looked on the indexed collections, but can't see it?

    March Grocery Challenge: £270/spend: £264.12
  • Girl_least_likely_toGirl_least_likely_to Forumite
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    Thanks for the Brownie recipe JayneC. I tried a Nigella one earlier in the week which turned out terrible, don't know what I did wrong, so I'm looking forward to trying yours as if differs quite a bit from Nigella's. Hopefully it'll work this time :rolleyes: .

    I have a tough dilema today. A new Aldi is opening this morning right next door to where I drop DD off at play school. I wasn't going to shop until tomorrow when I go to Mr M's to do a medium size shop. Do I go in? I can't not really - can I?!! Think I'll take my list and see what I can get cheaper in Aldi and then finish off in Morrison's if I need to.

    I'm so sad, how exciting can a new Aldi store opening be?:rotfl:
  • mouchemouche Forumite
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    Just found that Asda has charged me 51.04 for the big shop and not 53 - so adjusting my signature. Yay!
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  • mk_wotsitmk_wotsit Forumite
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    Just done my monthly Big Aldi shop. Only got £102 left but freezer is pretty full.
    My oven has died. There's a new one coming tomorrow. I've been missing my baking :confused:
    Best wins: ITV Real Deal CASH,Trip to Lapland.
  • Just realised that I havent updated. I have spent £58.53 so far out of my £120 budget. I'm going to scour the packets and tins thread.
  • jackie_wjackie_w Forumite
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    Just to let you know the rice turned out smashing :j .

    Thanks for all your advice on it.

    It will be a no spend day for me today. Dont plan on going anywhere near the shops.

    Going to do a bit of baking tonight because, the goodies have all finished, and I hate it when theres nothing nice in the house for eating for the kids, or whenever we get visitors.
    So, im going to try my hand at Caramel Shortcake (Millionaires shortbread). I have sweetcrust pastry in the fridge defrosting ( i know i know, not OS, but, its been in the freezer for a couple of months). So I was just going to use that for the base, then make the caramel bit, then top with chocolate sprinkles. Do you think that will be okay?
    Will also make brownies, and Twinks Hob Nobs too.

    Got loads of recipes for goodies for the kids and DH. Im not too worried about my waistline with the home baking, cos, funnily enough, I dont want to eat what I cook/bake :confused: Funny that. HOWEVER, if there was shop bought cakes and biscuits in the house, I would scoff them :rotfl: Weird how my body and way of thinking works:confused: Anyone else like that?

    Jackie xx
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