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  • Congratulations! As a previous poster said, let us know how you did it. I can't wait to be debt free, must be a huge weight lifted and you must have a feeling of freedom. You are one of the many inspirations to all of us! :beer:
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    How i did it? Sweat and tears mainly lol
    Before i moved home i saved money by writing a diary of everything i spent and changed all my shopping habits so that i was cooking from scratch rather than buying ready meals. I also used all my luncheon vouchers from doing pinecone to go towards food.
    I joined pigsback and used the boots vouchers i got for toiletries only ever buying bogof's. It did get very depressing so i "treated" myself to a magazine subscription using my tesco vouchers. My friends were all told how much money i owed which made it easier for me to explain why i couldnt go out or buy expensive gifts and luckily for me they gave me lots of girls nights in with games/wine/dvds etc
    I sold loads of stuff on ebay including some old broken gold jewellery (amazing prices paid for scrap gold). And also did a few bootsales. I downgraded my car which in turn made my tax and insurance cheaper. I used some tesco vouchers to get RAC cover on the older car. It wasnt easy and at times i did want to give up.

    When my folks suggested moving home i did that once my lease was up on the flat i was renting (last feb). This was my biggest sacrifice i think as i've lived alone for 7 years and couldnt imagine being back home. this free'd up a lot of my salary so i could pay the debt back quicker. I made sure i had enough money for at least one decent night out a month so that i wouldnt be tempted to chuck it all in and try and "win" a night out.

    I go to GA every week and regularly keep in contact with the people there which is keeping me on the straight and narrow. Things will be tight when i first move out but I know i can cope with it as i've coped with far worse and it will be worth it to have my independence back. I know that my parents have been fabulous and generous letting me move back home and i will always be grateful for that. But i must admit i cant wait to move out again x
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    cantcope wrote: »
    Thanks everyone. I've updated my Sig now :D what's the roll of honour?
    The debt free roll of honour.
    Congratulations on becoming debt free, thats what we're all here for good on you

    :T :T :T
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  • Well done, you give the rest of us hope!
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  • Well done:T _party_ :dance: Enjoy your new debt free life - you've earned it
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  • Well done, a very heart warming story which shows it can be done. I have been talking to a student who is in a similar situation and i am going to post a link to this thread. I hope he will contact you.
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    what an inspiring story.. well done to you xx
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  • cantcope
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    found my original thread. although i had posted about my debt before this, this is when i really bit the bullet and started to do something about it. It seems so desperate, i can remember the thoughts going around in my head that first day like they were yesterday :(

    Last bet : 26th Oct 2006:j Debt free 25th Feb 2008:j Living "my" dream:T
  • Congratulations! Godd luck and enjoy the new flat.
  • What an inspiration you are :A Have a wonderful debt free life you deserve it. :j :j
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