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homemade pet food?

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  • I would speak to your Vet and see what they say, I often just give them a quick call and one of the nurses will answer my question there and then.

    My fussy cat likes tinned fish (well drained), poached "real" fish, defrosted cheapo frozen prawns, tiny bits of cooked chicken or beef mince, I give her one of these as a treat from time to time, not sure how good any of these would be on a more frequent basis.

    Have you tried buying tins? is there a reason you are buying the expensive pouches?

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  • culpepperculpepper Forumite
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    thanks wondergirl I used to buy a box of pouches so he could have a treat every now and again rather than dried food all the time so I didnt even think about tins when we were advised to try wet food. I'll have a good look round when I go out later to compare prices.
  • i would be really grateful if someone can please help me

    i have a 14 yr old lab cross, who has kidney failure, not too severe at the mo, but while not curable it is treatble, i have tried the commercial dog foods for renal failure, she does not like them, so the vet said to try home made dog food

    i can only find one recipe and she hates it

    has anyone else been in the same situation, i would love some help here please

    many thanks

    jo and lucy
    the more people i meet!! the more i like my dog !!;)
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    Not a dog but a cat long ago. The vet advised feed rabbit, I had to go to a deli store which sold wild rabbit and I hated the damn things too, looked like skinned cats. I roasted it, did not have to touch much that way throwing in the roasting dish. Then deboned after cooling and cut up small. As you have such a large dog you will have to mix the rabbit with something. Wild rabbit is much cheaper than farmed, but it will cost quite a bit all the same to feed your dog on it.
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    Have you looked into the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food) by Ian Billinghurst? This may give you a better understanding of the balance of foods required to keep your dog healthy (I mean, in general, not in regards to the renal problems). Good luck :D.
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  • why does the vet want you to try home meade- is there a special dietary need that must be met (eg. low protein) or is it because your dog is off her food and needs tempting with something nice?

    In general, as a short term food for a poorly dog I would try some plain boiled rice with protein (a sardine, plain cottage cheese, chicken or scrambled egg) mixed in.
  • caravanlovercaravanlover Forumite
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    yes it is for a special diet - low protein - low phororus and low sodium, but high fat

    she was put on royal canin renal food - but she has decoded she does not like this now, but at £50 for a 14 kg bag, i would rather she has healthy home made food

    thanks for moving the thread and for all the help so far
    the more people i meet!! the more i like my dog !!;)
  • I reckon that porridge oats, rice, and most veggies would fit the bill there, perhaps with a little protein... can you ask the vet for suggestions, wihout knowing how low protein it needs to e it is very hard to think of what proportons you would need... in the long term you would need to be really careful about missing out essential nutrition.

    Just found this recipe online:

    HOMEMADE LOW PROTEIN DIET #1 (large batch to divide up for smaller meals)

    1 lb of lean ground beef or lean ground turkey or chicken (or a mix)
    4 hard boiled eggs chopped
    8 cups of cooked rice - white
    12 slices of whole grain bread (crumbled)
    A balanced vitamin/mineral supplement & sodium chloride tablets

    OR You can use Hills Prescription diet k/d
    Editorial comment on diet #1.

    There are supportive functional foods you can add to this diet to enhance it, but not raise the protein levels. I will make some suggestions at the end of these recipes. Since you are instructed to use sodium chloride tablets (discuss with vet for amount, I suspect what is recommended on the bottle for an adult would be ok for a large/giant breed). I would also use some broth to make this more palatable to the dog, because it sounds pretty flat in flavor and dry to eat!
    I would also offer fruits and veggies in moderation, either as a treat or part of the food. .
  • thanks for that

    i have tried that recipe and she wont eat it !! i got it from the vet actually. he said try it without the rice, that worked for a while, but now she wont touch it,

    we are off to the vets in the morning for another check up, bloods urine weight etc... so i wil ask him for anymore recipes and if i can try hills

    thanks for the foreign
    the more people i meet!! the more i like my dog !!;)
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