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Help Wasps! Water & soap trick??

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Help Wasps! Water & soap trick??

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twins_2_Betwins_2_Be Forumite
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We have a massive amount of wasps in the house...worried one might bite the new twins. Noticed at night they swarm around the light in the loft.

I recall some method where you put a bowl of water under the light with washing up liquid in it (or maybe it was oil).....the idea being that they land in the water and cannot get out.

Anyone recall this trick?
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  • GladGlad Forumite, Board Guide
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    find a tall jar or vase and put honey or jam in it with some water to cover
    cover the top of jar with paper with a hole cut in it, make the hole quite generous but so there is a lip around opening
    wasps will be attracted by the sweet smell but be unable to get out
    I use these around patio during barbecues

    I've also read somewhere of a homemade trap using plastic pop bottles and putting 2 inches of fruit juice in the bottom with a small peice of meat, the fermenting meat attracts them

    replace traps every day other wasps might be put off if trap is full of dead wasps
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  • carlycarly Forumite
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    Wasps ( apart from the queens ) should be dying off by now. it is unusual to see them in large numbers at this time of year. Is it possible that you might have a nest in your loft ( or nearby ).
    You can buy wasp nest destroyer from most DIY places, or it might be a good idea to ring your local council as most offer a pest control service.
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