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janeemeryjaneemery Forumite
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Has anyone experienced problems with Three, and their customers services department. My phone was collected from me on 11 october because of a recurring fault, bad reception going from and receiving to the mobile. There courier has delivered it to the wrong technicians and therefore to date I still do not a have the phone, still paying the contract and absolutely lost without it. There told me on Monday 18 that it would be 10 days before I would get the phone back.

Be interested to know if anyaone else has had similar problems with them, especially as Company policy states that the phone is returned within 3 working days.


Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.


  • They took my 7600 back to be repaired - all credit to them they did get it back to me within three days, but it still had the same fault when it came back.
    Was going to send it back to them but it got stolen, the very unhelpful (and difficult to understand) blokie at 3 customer services told me that I had to have a phone before he could issue a new sim card.

    So off i went to the shops to buy a payg 3 phone, came home and phoned 3 again to give them the IMEI no.

    I was then told that I couldn't just go and buy a payg 3 phone as the sim cards were different and it wouldn't work.

    Argh!! 1st blokie told me I could!

    After many arguements with 3, and two amazingly good local mobile phone people telling me that 3 were talking rubbish i finally got them to issue a sim - which works perfectly in my 3 payg phone.

    So if the customer service dept. tells you that your contract sim won't work in a payg phone - argue, the winning blow was telling them that my local 3 store said they were talking rubbish.
  • Really appreciate your comments -
    the biggest proble is actually talking to a genuine person in charge - that has not been possible. I have spoken to them various times and sent 2 letters and 1 e mail and still no response, if you hear of anyone else with similar problems could you please let me know

    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
  • kevinyorkkevinyork Forumite
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    Had a three nokia 7600 phone on the half price line rental. Couldnt get a signal anywhere. Would drop any calls if I could get a minimal signal. Couldnt even use it to call their Cust Service.

    Eventually took out a small claim court summons online and within 10 days they ended my contract, refunded the 2 months line rental already paid, gave me the court costs and £75 compensation for the trouble (I even got to keep the phone which I sold for £100 on ebay!).

    This is a great deal from Three but their signal is terrible. Suspect you didnt have a faulty phone as when I took mine into carphone warehouse they couldnt get a signal on 3 other 7600 straight out of the box.

    I recommended getting out of the deal as I did. Now with orange again, not as cheap but at least i can make calls!
  • Thanks very much for your reply, I am trying to get as much ammunition to stun them with as I can.


    Learn from the mistakes of others - you won't live long enough to make them all yourself.
  • Jay-Jay_4Jay-Jay_4 Forumite
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    Had a terrible time with 3. Kept dropping reception and bad (REALLY BAD) customer service (It's in India). >:(

    We cancelled our contracts within the 14 day cooling off period and are still getting bills (last one £150.00)

    Wish we'd known about the small claims online thingy as we must have made 50 phonecalls all to no avail.

    I agree that the reception was nothing to do with the phone, I'm sure there was a thread on this a few months ago.

    We've gone back to Orange (same as KevinYork)

    Even the Manager in phones4U told us it was more of a novelty network and shouldn't really be used as a main mobile for voice calls ???
    Just run, run and keep on running!

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