Cheap, but decent hairdressers in Cardiff

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Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in Cardiff that is not truely awful (i.e. supercuts) but cheapish. I am hoping to pay less than £22 as I'm a hard up student. Somewhere that does a student discount would be good. I live in Adamsdown/Roath area so close to that would be ideal, but I realise I'm being very picky.

Thanks for your help


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    i had advice in THIS THREAD if that helps?

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  • hello,
    I recntly had a bob with Ocean on wellfield road. It was a trainee stylist and it cost nothing-since I practice modesty and needed my hair done for an all female party.


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  • Yeah, Guy Christian on City Road is really good and not far away from you. Cheapest cut there is around £30 for women, however, if you want a really cheap colour go there and ask for Tim, he's their trainee colourist and is doing all over colours for £10 - £15 and that includes a really good blowdry. He just did mine red and I'm really pleased
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    Fringe Benefits, North Llandaff. It's almost on the corner of the road where the bridge goes over the railway.

    £42 for highlights (cap), wash, cut, blow dry.
  • Tony and Guy have a training night on Thursdays.
  • there is only 1 hairdrssers in cardiff i would recomend, morganshairsalon dominions arcade queen street cardiff. this place is only been open a few weeks, they are soooooo good on their prices cut and blow dry only cost me £25.50. the stylist i had was so good. great consultation. talked about what i wanted, how she was going to get the result i was hoping for. how best to acheive the look i wanted at home. ive been to most of the top salons in cardiff and i have never had this kind of service.. the cut was just what i wanted.. its easy to maintain with the tips i had from the stylist. they have a salon in caerphilly which i have read about on here as well, so i guess they are a big company.. good

    just been on their web site and they do a 20% off student discount as well!!!!!
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    My wife is a college lecturer they are always looking for willing volunteers for students to do supervised cut and styles.
    You could pick up a real bargain by only paying for products used.
    Some of the teaching establishments have become greedy however and have hiked their prices up :mad: which is a kick in the teeth for the students as they have slashed the amount of walk ins by half !!!
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    Figurehead in Cathays do a £10 cut and blowdry on Mondays & Tuesdays
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    Another vote for Guy Christian here. A cut and finish starts at £25, but they're running an 'introduce a friend' offer at the moment: current clients get £10 off a cut for every friend referred, and the referred friend gets 50% off their first cut and finish - bargain! They also have a loyalty card scheme. Can't find my card at the moment to tell you exactly what the offers are, but it's something like a free conditioning treatment after 3 visits, some sort of percentage off after 6 visits (something like that anyway). If anyone wants a referral voucher, drop me a line. I've tried MANY different hairdressers in Cardiff over the years ranging from Toni & Guy to Ken Picton to small salons in the 'burbs, but I can honestly say that Guy Christian is the only one I've returned to more than once. And no, I don't work for, or have any vested financial interest in the place!
  • Not sure where you are studying, but there is a womens section opened up in the hairdressers near me in trowbridge, rumney, just round the corner from Coleg Glan Hafren, its called Wags and not sure what cut my mrs had but it cost £18, she was well happy with the place as she usually spends £25+, if you need better directions let me know. Its on Abergele Rd next to the spar. ;-)
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