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Orange Phone Upgrade

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rgjones79rgjones79 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mobiles
I wonder if you can help me.

A friend of mine who has a mobile phone with Orange wanted to upgrade his
handset. He was only 8 months into his contract.

He contacted Orange directly who informed him that he was ineligible for an
upgrade. He then visited an Orange Shop who told him that he could upgrade
but at a cost.

He then visited one of 'The Link' stores and was offered an upgrade free of
charge in exchange for his current phone.

I too am a customer with Orange and am 9 months into my contract. I
currently pay £25 per month on the 120mins 250 texts service plan, and I
have a Sony Ericsson T610. My average bill is roughly £27 per month.

Is he lying? I didn't get the full details but does that then mean that you could upgrade my
phone to, for example Sony Ericsson K700i or Nokia 6230? How does this work?
Is this possible?

I assumed that given I've got my phone direct from Orange that could only upgrade with them directly.


  • Woby_TideWoby_Tide Forumite
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    I'm guessing the link somehow use the proceeds of the phone you give them to pay off your existing contract then are happy enough with the commision they get from your new 12 month contract you take out

    though since upgrade policy changed on 1st October I think not sure how the dealers like the link have had to amend their policies. if you don't ask you'll never know, probably worth a try at least you aren't losing anything
  • pinpin Forumite
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    Just to note that if your bill is below £30 a month Orange have you will have an upgrade fee. This fee is only removed 18 months into your contract.

    Orange have become very tight recently.
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