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unlocking mobiles or unblocking

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unlocking mobiles or unblocking

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rwsterrwster Forumite
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Can any one tell me how to unlock or unblock mobiles in everyday language ,and what acessories/software etc will i need cheers


  • gk172gk172 Forumite
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    2 Differant issues here first unlocking if network locked, meaning only use sim from network who supplied phone, quite easy if you have a nokia as there are loads of online places willing to do it and some are free or if you find a programme you can do it yourself ;) or get your network to unlock normally for £20 ish.

    Unblocking could be 2 things if you have input incorrect password a few times it will block sim and you will require puk code from network, or a blocked phone normally means phone has at some time been reported lost or stolen and fixing that by changing imei number is illegal but can be done if you fancy a holiday in the jail (5 years afaik)

    Hope this helps.
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  • Unlocking and unblocking are 2 different things, unlocking is perfectly legit and a website I have used before is
    Unblocking is generally when a phone is stolen or cloned and has been blocked by the network, best avoided then really.

    If unlockme doesnt work for you then just do a google search typing in phone unlock and loads come up but beware if you attempt to unlock your phone 5 times then it has to be unlocked by use of a data cable and costs you money.
    Good luck
  • Gk you beat me too it.

    Memo to self : must learn to type properly ;D
  • allthatmularkyallthatmularky Forumite
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    Looks fine to me :D
  • MATHMATH Forumite
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    ;D thanks for the info. Unlocked a phone successfully!
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  • gk172gk172 Forumite
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    ;D thanks for the info. Unlocked a phone successfully!

    Feels good, just done a few nokias this past 2 weeks ;D
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