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Update 3 November 2006:
New car stickers now available! Grab 'em here

18 May Important Update:

We've run out of car stickers for the moment but new ones are being reprinted. Can you hold off sending SAEs for the moment?

There will be an announcement in the weekly email when more are available. Any SAEs that we've received will be kept until we get the new batch (though it'd be helpful if you didn't send)


'screw the banks before they screw you!
I thought I'd have some printed for a bit of fun. Of course it's all for free (though I am asking you to send a stamped addressed envelope to reduce the cost) on a first come first served basis (i will update this post on how many have gone).

I thought the idea would be fun. I also thought that it would be nice advertising for the site and MoneySaving. So please only apply if you are actually going to put the sticker on your car - otherwise it doesn't justify the expense for me.

Send a stamped addressed A4 envelope to:

Car Sticker
F3, Shepherds Studios
Rockley Road
Shepherds Bush
London W14 0DA

(only one sticker will be sent)

Hope you like them


The sticker itself is below (though it's about double the size - nearly A4 in length)

Update: More Notes on What to do

Some people have asked 'can't we just send cash and you post it'. The problem with this is the vast number of hours it'd take to address every envelope, this way we just stuff the sticker in the envelope, simple as that.

All we need is an A4 normal envelope (not a padded one or anything) this can be SAE'd and folded insidea normal envelope and posted here.

In answer to the question I keep being asked

"yes there are still stickers left"
When they're run out this will be closed, so if it's here, there are stickers.
Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
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  • wirmwirm Forumite
    5.3K Posts
    "sigh" what a shame I won't be at the post office this week! :( Bank holiday today in Northern Ireland which won't help! :(
  • FoxyFoxy Forumite
    10.8K Posts
    consider my sae in post tomorrow;)

    ps i think it is a great idea:)
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  • divadeedivadee Forumite
    10.6K Posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    My envelopes are all written just need to get a stamp first thing in the morning. Great idea. My little fiat panda will love this new addition!!!!
  • wirmwirm Forumite
    5.3K Posts
    I was thinking that it would be so kool to be driving round Norn Ireland and see loads of stickers! :D Imagine it! :o
  • toepazztoepazz Forumite
    131 Posts
    divadee wrote:
    My envelopes are all written just need to get a stamp first thing in the morning. Great idea. My little fiat panda will love this new addition!!!!

    Great idea! Our little red Vauxhall Agila (just like Postman Pat's) will also be suitably adorned - something for Jess to read too!
  • I'll take one of those I think, we could have a thread for sticker spotting, just post each time you see the sticker displayed giving vehicle type not registration details obviously but vehicle type and colour location and time etc. I often wonder if I am in the midst of a bevvy of mser's when I'm out picking up a bargain.
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  • trutru Forumite
    9.1K Posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Photogenic
    I don't drive. Do you think it'll fit on my pushbike? :rotfl:
  • wirmwirm Forumite
    5.3K Posts
    I might stick it to my dog if I get one! :D
  • Rex_MundiRex_Mundi Forumite
    6.3K Posts
    1,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    I always knew that boots offer of 5% discount for first class stamps months ago would come in handy! I bought at least a years supply. lol
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  • furrypigfurrypig Forumite
    2.9K Posts
    thank you Martin!

    Can't wait to play the 'spot the car sticker game', a new addiction perhaps, at least a new thread somewhere!!

    Great advertising too!
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