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E2save cashback

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I was one of many who purchased an SE t610 frm E2save.When I purchased in Aug 04 the T&Cs stated 50% cashback on submission of bill 3 and final 50% on submission of bill 6.
A subsequent mail from them stated it was bills 6 and 12. I objected to this and they replied that if I had purchased before September the origional T&Cs would apply and they would confirm this.
Despite chasing them a number of times(including the directors) no confirmation has been forthcoming.
Has any one else had this problem and are we still expecting the £90x2 to be paid against bill 3 and 6. Thanks


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    I am still expecting my rebates after bills 3 and 6, but then I bought in August and I received confirmation in writing that 3 and 6 months was the agreement.

    I'll be angry if they try to change it on me.

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