Shabby Chic Thread?

I have been hovering on these boards for quite some time now and have realised that a lot of people have very similar tastes to mine!

Now do we have a thread dedicated to all things shabby chic?

Think traditional english style mixed with new england, Cath Kidston, Laura Ashley and reusing/repainting old furniture to fit in with this style. I love eclectic mixes of neutral colours with traditional plain pastels and prints for furniture, decor and most importantly kitchen things!

If we have not could we? and if we have could you point me in the right direction?

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Thank you in anticipation!




  • miserly_mum
    miserly_mum Posts: 1,065 Forumite
    I really love the shabby chic look.

    Unfortunately whenever i've tried to re create it in my house it just looks shabby, not a bit of chic to be seen :rolleyes:
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  • tifnstav
    tifnstav Posts: 441 Forumite
    i think that you've inadvertently just started one.

    would love to do shabby chic but boyf is not so keen. will watch this with interest.
  • Ooooooh fantastic :) waits for more ppl to join :)
  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,130
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    This is the closest I could find...

    Old-Style Interior Design
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  • mary43
    mary43 Posts: 5,845 Forumite
    Are they're any pictures about of 'shabby chic' ? Not sure what my house is really.................shabby ? Definitely..............more so than chic I'd imagine but I have been know to run amok with a paint brush..............three good second hand furniture shops in town meant we never paid a lot for what we've got.............just painted it to suit. Bedroom wardrobe was a freebie from someone who was moving so I painted it cream and stencilled blue flowers at each corner..............did the same with an old chest of drawers someone was chucking out.
    Great one for 'recycling' in that desk is mfi melamine that I painted in a grainy effect.............did the bookcase, pine panels OH put to cover up where the old fireplace was, skirting board...........looks good........well I think so and I suppose thats what counts

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  • You should see Haribo Junkie's kitchen photo on the 'Where the OS magic happens' thread. It's exactly how I'd like my kitchen.

    I've found a few shabby chic style bits for my kitchen. A wall clock and mugs from Matalan, spotty Cath Kidston style crockery from Tesco and old style scales from Wilko's. I've also made a peg bag, draught excluder and fabric door stop in Globaltex fabric which looks very similar to Cath Kidston.

    Looking forward to pinching some ideas from you guys :D
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  • ceridwen
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    Another one for the "its shabby - maybe not chic" thing here.

    Teensy tip - my bathroom "curtains" are an old shower curtain cut in half and shortened.
  • freyasmum
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    I adore that look! That's how I want my house to be :)

    Laura Ashley, Cath Kidston :drool: They're absolutely gorgeous!

  • lilac_lady
    lilac_lady Posts: 4,469 Forumite
    When I see expensive furniture in shops that are described as "having the distressed look" the only thing that's distressed is me. Making over second hand furniture is different. Very satisfying and MSE. I've made curtains for a long narrow window from a throw. Much cheaper and exactly the right colour.
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  • mary43
    mary43 Posts: 5,845 Forumite
    originally posted by ceridwen
    Teensy tip - my bathroom "curtains" are an old shower curtain cut in half and shortened.

    Brilliant idea that. Heard of someone making bathroom curtains from a pair of hand towels...............another good one I thought. Mine are just a pair of charity shop (as is most of the house)

    I'm creative -you can't expect me to be neat too !
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