Stained cream carpet - help!

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Hi all,

i have two cats who I love dearly but they have managed to ruin my cream carpet in my living room. Said carpet is guaranteed as stain resistant but my Bengal boy has been ill and now I have cat sick stains all over the place. I washed them out with Stardrops and warm water and then blotted them but there are still yellow patches all over.

To make things worse our kitten ate the prescription cat food we got for our poorly fellow (she's a bit greedy) and promptly regurgitated it :mad: , it is a liver pate and has gone right into the carpet and is a very unpleasant pinkish colour which is not coming out at all even when wet.

What's the best way to deal with stubborn stains with what I've got in the house (Bicarb and Stardrops and Milton, and very little else)or else can pick up fairly cheap, we're on a really tight budget. I can't afford to splash out on a carpet shampooer and if we're going to be selling the house, I don't want to have to buy a new carpet either!

Please help!!!
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    Although the threads listed immediately below are human based - they still may be of help...

    - Urine - Cleaning up potty training accidents
    - Urine - Toddler stain
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    - Vomit - Sick on the carpet - sorry!

    And you'll be able to find some pet based remedies in this index...

    The Complete Pets Collection

    After that - we have a board dedicated to pets and moneysaving which may be able to help...

    Pets & Pet Care

    Good luck :)
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    On Monday my wee Tabby threw up on my pale gold stair carpet and although I tried to get this off with fairy liquid it had left a stain. I had a spray bottle of 1001 foam (blue bottle) in the back of the cupboard and this morning it seems to be fine.It is not a fancy carpet though so for wool I would be careful.
  • Magpye
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    Resurrecting this thread as I now have time on my hands and would like to wash this carpet properly - never did get rid of those stains! Sadly my beloved boy cat is no longer with us as he turned out to be very ill indeed. But he has certainly left his mark and my carpet looks manky.

    It's a synthetic fibre not wool. Surely people used to hand scrub carpets before those wet carpet cleaners came along? I've tried google to no avail so any help is appreciated.
    "All cruelty springs from weakness" - Lucius Annaeus Seneca
    Personal pronouns are they/them/their, please.

    I'm intolerant of wheat, citrus, grapes, grape products and dried vine fruits, tomato, and beetroot, and I am also somewhat caffeine sensitive.
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    Hi! I have cats myself (3 siamese) and had the odd 'accident' to deal with. I have tried everything but you know the best thing? one of those basic vanish soap bars and some elbow grease! :D
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    Thank god for this thread! I stupidly put down cream, synthetic carpet in my home office 'cos it was cheap and my elderly boy cat (22 in May!) has had more than one 'accident' on it, from both ends! He spends most of his time in the office with me and sometimes can't move fast enough to get downstairs and out of the catflap, bless. I've also spilled cartridge refill ink on there too, so it's in pretty bad nick all round. It looks really manky and horrible now though. I've also tried carpet cleaners etc and am considering taking the whole lot up and going back to bare floorboards - cold and draughty.

    ANY advice would be more than welcome!! Will try the vanish bars though.
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    I worked for chemdry for a while and they do a stain extinguisher, cost £10 quite expensive, but is fabulous on stains. never tried it on cat stains but used it for many othe rthings red wine, kid puke etc.... and they all come out just fine.

    I have just used the last of mine and i have not worked for them for 3 years so it does last.
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