Smoked Kippers

Was shopping in Tesco yesterday, and noticed I could get 2 kippers (shrink wrapped with butter) for about 70p, so figured I'd try it for breakfast on Sunday.

Can anyone give me suggestions as to what to cook them with? I've never done them before.

I feel like having a weekend of nice foods :)


  • purpleivy
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    My ds has kippers (from morrisons, small fillets) for breakfast at the w/e sometimes. I encourage him to warm them in the microwave, in a covered glass dish with a tbs of water. The smell of fish often clings to plastics and covering means that the smell doesn't linger!

    If I was doing 'whole' proper kippers I would probably just cover with boiling water and leave for a couple of minutes,....then serve with fresh bread and butter!
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  • jonny2510
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    purpleivy wrote: »
    If I was doing 'whole' proper kippers

    sorry, should have mentioned they were fillets.

    Thanks for the suggestions :)
  • Just grill them for a couple of minutes. They won't smell that much and, frankly, that's part of the pleasure. Open the kitchen window and make the neighbours jealous. If you find a tomato lurking in the corner of the 'fridge, cut it in half and grill it as well. As above, serve with bread & butter. Less is more.

    "Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast!"
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  • angie_loves_veg
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    Kippers like this are excellent for a weekend breakfast:D

    I cook them in the microwave and eat them with brown bread and butter - has to be brown, has to be butter, has to be triangles :confused:

    oh, and a cup of tea.... that's essential :D

    hope you enjoy them
  • Caterina
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    Boil-in-the-bag are not as lovely as grilled but you avoid stinking up the kitchen (and possibly the whole household) with fish smell!

    Serve kippers with chunky bread, butter and for a totally exquisite final touch, with a poached egg.

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  • Zed42
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    I agree with an earlier poster .. has to be soft wholemeal bread, buttered and cut into triangles ..... with a pot of tea .... oooohh ... yum :)

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  • mrbadexample
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    I love kippers, me. A bit bony, but fabulous. As other posters have said, you need very little with them, just a bit of bread and butter. :drool:
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  • jonny2510
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    Bread and butter it is then!

    Think I'll add a poached egg as well!
    "Smoke me a kipper. I'll be back for breakfast!"

    I was gonna put that but guessed no-one would get the reference!

    Thanks for all the replies everyone :D
  • Penny-Pincher!!
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    I used to love Kippers, but had them again recently and they didnt seem to go down well:confused: ...they were the boil in bag ones though with the butter knob in them.

    I have the fillets before and they are lovely, somay try them again. I used to cook them with a little butter in the pan and have with a soft fried egg and toast...and of cours a cup of tea!!

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  • theamazinggem
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    ooooooh i love kippers. you've all made me well hungry now. i prefer to grill, but sometimes will microwave, and agree on the bread and butter (sometimes toast even). poached egg also sounds lovely actually, haven't done the two together before, but now you say it seems like a very nice idea...
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