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3 mobile - cant get my money back

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3 mobile - cant get my money back

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jayjay24_2jayjay24_2 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mobiles
I had a three mobile contract and because the service was abysmal, I wanted to close my account at the earliest opportunity. So in June I called them to cancel (one month before) which they said it was best if I called 3days before I needed it switch off. So 3 days before I called them, I was then told my contract did not finish untill 14 days after I said. However I had the paper work, eventually they found that I was correct and the mistake was due to me changing my billing date. They then told me they would cut me off in the next few days. However then I got a new bill and I was being charged for many days after my cut off. Another call, another I will look into it sir. The direct debt came out of my account and I had not be disconnected. It eventaully took 3 weeks to get cut off after 4 or 5 phone calls. I then called about the excess I had been charged, eventaully I spoke to someone in Glasgow and I was told I would be sent a cheque. Soon after a statement arrive showing three owed £10.34. I waited for the cheque. By September I relaised it was not coming and phoned three again. This time I was told that I need to go to the bank and claim indemnity, by taking along my statement - so off I went. When I got to the bank I was told that three should supply me with a cheque, the bank lady of several years experience had "never heard off such stupidity - they should just supply a cheque". Back at home I called three again - and was told that if the bank refused indemnity then they could send me a cheque, the lady in Bombay refused to tell me how long this would take etc, hmmmm maybe another ploy. 3 weeks later no cheque - another call, another I need to look into this, I will give you a call back in 24 hours (I did give them my correct mobile), so one week later - still no call, no cheque.

Please, please do not use this company.

Does anyone know how I can get my money back?


  • SystemSystem
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    Many others have commented on how shoddy 3 is.

    When I sense something like this happening, I delete the direct debit. Then they can chase you for the right amount and the ball is in your court.

    In your case the ball is in theirs.

    Having never dealt with a situation like this, but from reading your comments, I can't see why they can't just credit the money to your bank account.

    I laughed at your "the lady in Bombay" comment. The sad thing is she probably was.

    Make sure that if these calls are costing you additional money that they refund that as well.

    Finally, when wishing to cancel something, insist it is done there and then. Always get the name of who you speak to and keep a record (although trying to spell the name of someone in a far flung country might be a tester!)
  • ArsenalFCArsenalFC Forumite
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    Never dealt with 3 but are tempted to take on the current £5 per month offer with £12.50 greasypalm or rpoints.

    Like daveboy said, cancel the direct debit to any companies that wrongly takes money out of your account. I used to be on dial-up internet, I cancelled with the company through email, but never got a respond, also didn't want to call their 0870 number. They took an extra month's money from me so i cancelled my debit card and got issue a new one, (not direct debit as it was my debit card they took money from). Now they are still trying take money from me 5months on, but they cannot :)

    You should threaten to take the matter to the phone's regulator - ofcom? or it is oftel? I believe they will swiftly deal with your matter, or do make a complain to the regulator and seek compensation for the time and money spent on phone calls.
  • It really bugs me when you call 3 99% of the time you goto india.. and i talk kinda fast and they never understand me.. and in the end.. i seem to ague with them. lol.

    I think the UK needs to find companys that take away uk jobs.. like charge them 40% VAT or something.. or make a out of uk tax..
  • N9eavN9eav Forumite
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    A friend of mine returned hers after 14 days no problems, I will ask waht she did...
    In the meantime I agree 3 is complete pantsI returned mine as the LG phone was so complicated I could not even find the ringtones.... I agree stay clear
    NO to pasty tax We won!!!! Just shows that people power works! Don't be apathetic to your cause!
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