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There is a Better Cleaner Than Stardrops



  • beemuzed
    beemuzed Posts: 2,188 Forumite
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    Barkeepers Friend is brilliant! Found it in the kitchen of a cottage we stayed in and was really, really impressed.
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  • Thanks OP, You've really saved me alot of heartache! I've recently had a new stainless hob and sink fitted and have tried lots of things to try and keep them both clean (stardrops, CIF stainless steel cleaner etc) but really had no joy. The splatter marks on the hob would just turn really milky and if i used any elbow grease i'd end up scatching the damn thing! i thought i'd made the biggest mistake of my life buying stainless steel BUT i've been saved!!!
    I came across this thread yesterday and rushed out to my local sainsburys and bought some of the bar keepers friend, got home and used it on both the hob and the sink and guess what??? its removed all the horrible flecks of grease and other marks in seconds, my hob and sink are sparkling. I'd never have thought of buying the stuff if i hadnt read this thread. I cant thank you enough :j , THANKS!
  • This is what it looks like (to help you find it on the shelf if you're looking)

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  • kodokan
    kodokan Posts: 106 Forumite
    It's brilliant - superb at cleaning, a bottle last for EVER (or maybe I just don't clean much..?) and there's no chemically smell, which I'm susceptible to being slightly asthmatic. Love it, love it.

    And did you know that the glass door on the inside of ovens can be taken off, and cleaned horizontally, which stops all the oily cleaning gunk running onto your kitchen floor? This took me 36 years to figure out!

  • pollysg
    pollysg Posts: 207 Forumite
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    This sounds great. I've never heard of Stardrops tho, is it available in supermarkets? AND can I use it to clean the inside of car widscreens - nothing I have tried so far gets through the greasiness that builds up.
  • scotrae
    scotrae Posts: 588 Forumite
    stefejb wrote: »
    love barkeepers too and also the "green" cleaning putty from tesco :)

    ... cleaning putty ... pray tell!
  • AussieLass
    AussieLass Posts: 4,066 Forumite
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    Looks like I'll have to bring back some of that in my bag next time I come over. I brought stardrops back with me last time. :D It's great and I use such a tiny amount it should last me years. I've found it really good so far for lot's of general cleaning.
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  • F1F1
    F1F1 Posts: 218 Forumite
    I've used Barkeeper's Friend for years and it's great stuff. Environmentally friendly, made from rhubarb leaves I believe! It was used originally by barkeepers in America to polish all the chrome, brass etc. It was used to clean the Albert Memorial in London. You might not get it in smaller supermarkets <they don't stock it in supermarkets here in Shetland!> but one or two of our hardware shops do. Or you can get it from Lakeland.
  • jordylass wrote: »
    I've wondered if this would move the metal marks off my porcelain sink. Is it suitable for porcelain?

    I have the same problem, jordylass! My porcelein sink has a few metal marks where Mr L has leant things like baking trays against the side whilst cleaning them. I'm not complaining too much, at least he was washing up!

    I might give this a go, it's a product my Mum used to use when I was a little girl and I think she still uses it now on her stainless steel sink.
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  • I've also used Barkeepers Friend for years. Can't be beat for hard to remove stains. I use it on my porcelain sink to remove those nasty grey marks that pans leave (and before that on my acrylic? white sink - brought it up a treat.)

    I also have white laminate countertops and use BF on them for hard to shift stains (eg. beetroot stains, pollen stains, etc..............ooh! I'm sounding a right messy so and so now!).
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