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New Amex Nectar Card – Points Don’t Make Prizes



  • martybrum
    I am a Store Trainer for Sainsburys Supermarkets Limited.

    There is a perfectly good explanation as to why the Checkout Operators at Sainsburys do not ask for either 1) your Nectar card, and 2) if you would like Cashback.

    This is to speed up the throughput of shopping at the Checkouts. A huge amount of research has gone into Customers expectations at the checkout, and practically done away with are "Scan N Pack" and asking any questions about Nectar, Cashback and Saveback. As the training says "if the customer requires these services, then they will ask for them".

    This is designed to improve the "Items per minute" that each checkout operator processes. The acceptable IPM is 17. This is apparently 22 at Tesco and 20 at ASDA. Most of our checkout operators achieve between 12 and 15 IPM, due to the required level of "interaction" required by our "MCM", Mystery Customer Measure, programme.

    Hope this clarifys a couple of points.

    You never know though. Suppose I would be the last person to know in the Sainsburys chain if it was decided that Nectar was for the scrap heap. Well a couple of weeks before our Checkout Operators I would expect.

    Thanks for the very helpful site Martin. It has been a great help for a long time. I always use your links to whatever I am buying. Martybrum.
  • bluestu
    following on from previous posts, it appears nectar is still going reletively strongly, applied for amex card through nectar estores to get 3000 bonus points. find this a very good scheme for me as the points are worth twice as much at adams (kids clothes) and with 2 little uns we can pretty much keep em suited and booted for the year with the points! generally get 150 - 200 pounds worth of stuff for them each year.
  • 1234jack
    1234jack Posts: 8 Forumite
    Hi Martin

    I thought everyone would like to know, I applied for the Amex card last week when I saw it on your website. I received a letter today refusing my application apparently I did not match their minimum required score. However they assure me that no derogatory information was found! I have never been refused before.

    Unfortunately, they had also attached to my letter another letter for a Mrs C Austen of Brentwood whose application they had also refused. I telephoned them of course. but they did not seem very interested.

    I will be forwarding the letter on to Mrs Austen.

    My thoughts are, if they are that incompetent, I really don't want them having any more to do with my financial affairs!
  • pudhark1
    fourmi wrote: »
    So is there anywa easy way to convert my 30,000 nectar points into something worth something? (rewards wise?)

    I had the same number of points and have purchased a flight ticket to USA saving me £150 on the ticket. So now when I shop at sainsburys I use the points collected until my £150 is used up on my shopping. In effect using the points keep the money in the bank for my purchase which happened to be a flight ticket, I am sure you could do it for whatever you want to buy. Hope this gives you thought.
  • vixens_mum
    vixens_mum Posts: 90 Forumite
    I use my points to stock up my chest freezer and tins cupboard when there are promotions on like BOGOFs. This way I get more for my money, and able to save for those little extras at xmas for the grand children.
  • benjaminv
    While this thread is pretty old, is quite not the thing as it is now. Just give some information for new members here:

    At least now i can confirm that with the new American Express Nectar Credit, it does a lot of rewarding.
    Check this buddy, it gives

    • Collect up to 4 Nectar points for every full £1 spent at Nectar partners2
    • Collect 1 Nectar point for virtually every full £1 spent elsewhere
    • Collect 500 MorePoints for every £500 you spend and charge in any calendar month, with no upper limit


    2 point per pound on purchase with their partner using loyalty Nectar card, plus,
    2 point per pound on purchase when you pay with this American Express Nectar Credit Card
    this is simply collecting 4 points every single pound you spend. hence, £100 collects 400 points worth £2 which actually offers a 2% cashback thing.

    and my offer was rewarded 5000 points worth £25 to be new member it just arrived automatically without doing any thing any redeem. While this is subjected to that you spend £500 for the first 3 months which should be fine assuming that you applied a supplementary card for your wife then she can shop with that together using the same loyalty card then it should be out of problem to archive this amount for most of us.

    Even better, i collected another more 500 point each calendar that you spend over £500, i did have been credited 500 point again automatically last month as we spent a lot not sure if we didnt spent over £500 for this month but by next statement we do, if this award accumulative or not.

    any way, to summer up, if you spend <500 with your nectar loyalty card at their partners, this scheme gives you 4 points per pound you spend which is effectively a 2% cashback. any other places that the nectar loyalty card not acceptable you get 1% cashback.

    if you spend 500 each month you get 500 more points worth £2.5, together with the 2000 points you collected for purchase worth £10, you get a 12.5/500 = 2.5% cashback.

    Sounds good?
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