How does the average couple afford children?



  • Strapped
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    Thank you for such a detailed reply. I will try to respond to each of your point.

    Firstly the mortgage, we are not over stretching, in fact the idea is that I can afford the mortgage on my own, just in case we split up. I am putting down the fully equity of my house (no mortgage) and just getting a £50,000 one. This works out to be just short of £300 p/m as we are going fixed rate. We want the security. <snip>

    ...So would cover my share of bills/food, petrol, gym and of course BABY.

    I must admit, your comment about "just in case we split up" made me wonder whether you really feel stable enough in your relationship to contemplate kids?

    But if you DO, then you don't need to worry about paying gym fees anymore - I doubt you'll ever go once you have a baby ;)
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  • do_it_today!
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    Hi All :hello:
    thanks for starting this thread bailey and Im glad the spammer got it re -vitalised because I have just found out today that I am pregnant so will need to put the advice into action a little earlier than expected!!! :j Thank you!
    :j Where there is a will there is a way - there is a way and I will find it :j
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    I am 6 months pregnant, live with my husband in a 1 bed rented flat and are planning on staying there for a bit. Our bedroom is fairly large so we have made a baby area and plan to put up a curtaqin. All our baby stuff has been donated or second hand with the exception of a sterilizer, and we are planning on acepting donations towards our washable nappies.
    Babies are as expensive as you want them to be. Don't be afraid to ask people for stuff, that'd be my advice.
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    I am 5 weeks pregnant and so looking forward to everything!
    I am a little worried about money though as we will drop to one income but to be honest i wouldnt want it any other way.

    Looking forward to hearing other peoples MS ideas
    RHYSDAD Forumite Posts: 2,346 Forumite
    My mum said if you ever planned for children in the financial, sense then you'd never have any!!
    We have two sons, very nice surprises and yes they do cost but they are worth every penny!! Good luck to anyone wondering whether they could afford children!! You'll manage cos you have to!!
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  • angelfairy
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    What a brilliant thread, even though it was started some three years ago.

    How lovely to see the OP has two beautiful children now.

    As hubby and I are trying for a baby the thread is full of interesting info.
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