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Martin's Broadcast Appearances Discussions

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  • minimini Forumite
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    Spend it like...Robbie is on at 9pm on Wednesday on sky one.

  • The 'This Morning' promo slots are usually....

    Once between 6am and 7am in the GMTV News Hour
    Once between 7.30am and 8.30am in GMTV Today
    and just before 3.00pm on ITV1

    This Morning also runs promotions for their own features in a couple of the centre breaks in the programme itself.
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  • NileNile Forumite, Board Guide
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    TV listings mag has BBC1 programme 'Hey! Big Spender' showing at 9 o'clock on Wednesday 28th January. Martin, Alvin Hall and Sandra Scott offer advice.
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  • Oh No! That clashes with ER! Sorry Martin, but I'll have to channel hop between the two. Both educational programmes, in their own way!
  • PalPal Forumite
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    Thankfully Channel 4 decided not to try and compete with Martin and put ER on at 10 p.m. instead of the usual 9 p.m.

    Otherwise I would have had to miss Martin last night I'm afraid. (Can't miss Dr Lewis, can I?)
  • I know - they've put this whole series on at 10pm. Do you think that's so they weren't competing with Martin that one night?

    Being on at 10pm I couldn't stay awake and missed most of it! Did the nurses the come back? Did Romano get sacked instead?

    I can't believe Carter's not coming back! I think I miss him more than Abby! Though I'm sure I read he's signed another 2 year contract...

    Oh yeah, back to Martin - very good show last night. You have so much energy! And a lovely voice, I have to say. From what people say I thought you'd sound like a bit of a geezer.

    And I don't care what everyone else says - I like Alvin AND you!

    Ms T.
  • I managed to catch you on telly last night just by accident but I did watch the whole programme including the BBCi Q&A bit afterwards.

    I liked the BBCi bit the best but can I say "poor Citizens advice lady", she seemed a bit shell shocked by the end of it and in that light Martin, "drink less coffee!" you ran rings round both your co-presenters in that bit, I thought it was quite funny :D you had more figures than the highlights of Miss World ;)

    Keep it up!


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  • SystemSystem
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    Just worth remembering that BT charges in NI are different to that in Britian. BTNI customers calling the Republic of Ireland are charged at either local or national rate.

    If a customer in a border area was to use an indirect provider as suggested, their calls to the ROI may be charged at a higher rate.

    Would a customer in Newry calling Dundalk be charged cheaper than BTNI local rates (inc the discount schemes)??

    Have been caught out in the past, english (telcos) forget that 00353 is not international when dialed from N. Ireland and we can end up paying more!

    Just worth remembering ..... and no I don't work for BT ... just been caught out in the past!

    (Even took NTL a few months to start charging 00353 as local/national here, but they got it sorted after people started noticing the charges on their bills)
  • SystemSystem
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    I watched Martin on the Kelly show on UTV (just happened to flick channels) and have to say how impressed I am with his advice and the site. I am ashamed to say that before the Kelly Show I had never heard of or seen him. After his appearance I called up the site and saved a fortune of life assurance!!

    I have also found the money saving emails a great read and I have already raved about Martin to friends and colleagues.

    In conclusion, a big thank you and congratulations on such a brilliant site. A great big fat thumbs up!!!

  • there i was in the chichester travelodge of a monday morning having taken advantage of the £10 offer.......when i regognised a familiar voice on the t. v. , it was none other than my money saving guru,martin,on a programme i`d never seen you`re talking,very passionate performance martin.....atta boy!
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