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  • Just answered my own question!

    here is the link for Today's Jeremy Vine show:

    And click on the "Listen Again To This Show" icon about a quarter of the way down the screen!


  • SystemSystem
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    do we know roughly where within the 2 hour show it was featured ??
  • PalPal Forumite
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    It was about 1.30. I was in a taxi at the time and caught about 30 seconds of it.

    Doesn't he talk fast when he's on the radio!
  • minimini Forumite
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    Martin appears at 1 hour 11 mins on the hear it again link.

    Great to hear, your maths & speed were very impressive :)

  • MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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    To be honest I spoke too quickly. I listened back - and while i normally speak quick - this was too quick at the beginning. Truth is when the 118118 chappy misquoted what i'd said last time, I lost my rag! However I think overall I had the better of it!
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  • minimini Forumite
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    From the previous messages I thought it had been a virtual boxing match, I don't think it came across that way you got a lot of information in which people will probably recognise from other things they have heard about how they didn't advertise charges at all well, you sounded stronger & convinced of your arguement as the other one waddled along.

  • COSCOS Forumite
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    "That is a pile of pants" said Martin "I don't want to go there" replied Mr Ostrum. If Martins pants was steaming as much as his head I would'nt want to go there either ;D

    Well done Martin
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  • I cant get it to play!?! :(
    Am I being thick or do I need some sort of software to listen to it?

    Help anyone Please??
  • PalPal Forumite
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    Martin said: "I am also currently appearing in a series on Sky called 'Spend it like' It covers J-Lo, Tom Cruise, Robbie Williams and (yum) Kylie. "

    Any chance of getting J-Lo's phone number? I understand she is a bit expensive to maintain but after a few months she gives you $10 million.

    "(yum)" Kylie's phone number wouldn't be as lucrative but there would be other compensations. Unfortunately I assume I'd have to fight you for her number? >:(

    Not having seen this programme I hope it does not involve you telling Tom Cruise that he should switch his bank account to Cahoot and apply for a cashback credit card?
  • rachrach Forumite
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    i don;t think it was really too fast - u did come across as though you knew what you were talking about & ran rings round the other bloke! i was just slightly concerned for ths state of your blood pressure! ;)

    Rach :)
    Mum to gorgeous baby boy born Sept 2010:j
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