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Martin's Broadcast Appearances Discussions

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  • MobeerMobeer Forumite
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    Martin Lewis Money Show - on child care benefits:

    Why no coverage for additional rate tax payers? The graphic here:
    includes additional rate tax payers, yet the flip chart used in the show excluded them for no apparent reason
  • SilvertabbySilvertabby Forumite
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    Saw Martin's programme last night. I'm still gobsmacked at the idea that people can claim childcare vouchers up to the age of 15. By 15 I had left school and was working!
  • mumpsmumps Forumite
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    Saw Martin's programme last night. I'm still gobsmacked at the idea that people can claim childcare vouchers up to the age of 15. By 15 I had left school and was working!

    I was engaged at 15 and we were saving for a deposit to buy a house. Probably not right for everyone but yes it does seem a bit odd to be paying childcare for a 15 year old. Of course different if child has a disability of some sort.
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    richardwrichardw Forumite
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    Perhaps Martin needs to be 100% crystal clear about passenger's right to be re-routed on other airlines when flights are cancelled.
    Simon Calder is.

    MSE could have a look at Art 8 of EU reg 261:2004 and perhaps make representations of improvement before this is just copied and pasted into the European Withdrawal bill.
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  • Hi Martin, I watched your Live show this week with ideas to save money at Christmas and thought the ban on unnecessary presents was a good one and great way to focus on the real value of Christmas. I was so inspired, I've wrote this rhyme to send to family and friends to see if they want to give it a try this year. Feel free to use it and pass it on, so far I've had a really positive response. I think I've managed to save a couple of hundred pound already but everyone so far have said they wanted to do it but couldn't find a way to approach it. Thank you for the idea and help giving people permission!

    An early note and little rhyme,
    To suggest a change ahead time.
    This Christmas I propose a shift,
    An alternative to giving a gift,
    Commit to spending less,
    And release each other from the stress.

    So please can we make a pact,
    Of no presents given or wrapped;
    We will not buy a gift for you,
    And don't buy one for us too,
    I hope you will agree,
    To join in and go present free.

    Think about what we gain instead,
    Time, money, space in our head;
    And if you like this idea,
    Do consider passing on the cheer.
    To begin our pact, please reply to me:
    'merry Christmas present free'
    And if I do not hear from you,
    We will carry on as we usually do.
  • I am desperate for Martin to do something about PayPal I know many people are currently having terrible problems with them I am out of pocket over £380 and was told I was protected by using pay pal they even found in my favour and said we would get our money back but them closed our case. Please Please martin do something about PayPal just look at Facebook and you'll see lots of people complaining. I feel sick at losing so much money just before Xmas.
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