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I think this is my first post - it must be, I have had so much trouble trying to find my password.

Found this and thought of you all. Found from the Edinburgh Vogues that my Cousin sends me.

Have looked at this website and cannot believe there is not as much info as I thought there would be - we cannot teach the Scottish about frugality can we?

Kind regards

Allison :money:



  • Queenie
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    This one has a two week menu plan (plus shopping list)
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  • boo81
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    This is a website being promoted in my workplace, it gives some great recipes and ideas about using things up in the kitchen. They advise on meal planning and things like best before dates. Very informative :T
  • danz0l
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    That potato, bacon and feta omelette looks fantastic :) I must try that :)

    Although i have to challenge the "everybody has left over potato in the house" idea. They've obviously never visited our house :)
    A male chef of 4. My restaurant is always full and i don't need to tout for business.
    OK OK
    I'm a house husband but it did sound better my way :beer:
  • AussieLass
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    Thanks for that. I've put it in my favourites and will look at it properly later. Had a quick peek and it looks good.
    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. ;)

  • boo81
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    sorry about the shameless bump, just checking people see this as its v v good. Im printing some tis and recipes out when I get home. Other OSers might like to contribute to the website........:confused:
  • squeaky
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    All they need to post is a single link :)

    The Complete Cooking Collection
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  • beemuzed
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Definitely worth a look!
    Think twice before spending anything!
  • Thankyou, have added it to my favourites and will look at it later. I had a tea a bit like it this evening and it was lush.
  • It looks good. I have added it to my favourites.
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