Slimline Dishwasher v's Standard Size?

Never had a dishwasher before but getting one when we get our new kitchen sorted out soon. I have a 60cm space where I could fit in a standard size one but it would mean my sink would be slightly off centre of the window. If I got a slimline one, my sink bowl could sit centred.

Call me fussy if you will, lol but I think about these things. :D

Anyway, are slimline ones just as good as standard size ones or is there a noticeable difference in practicality between the two? My only want, is that it should be fully integrated and as quiet as possible. There are anywhere between 4 and 7 people eating at any one time so we'd need one suitable for that kind of size.

Any advice or suggestions would be great.


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    we used to have a slimline one, only main issues are fitting many pans in there i.e. if you use a wok or something that fills a lot of space compared to fullsize, we only used ours with 3 people though but I would guess you will end up with a fair few runs for that many people
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    Mmm, might have to rethink then. We do seem to end up using a lot of pans at meal times. I also dont fancy having to run the dishwasher again for whatever didn't fit in the first time. Seems counter productive to me....I'd end up just washing whatever didn't fit in the first time, by hand.
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    We have a normal size dishwasher and there are only two of us, but it never seems big enough to get everything in it.

    (Any one will put dishes in it but no one wants to empty it)
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
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    We are also a family of 4 and have a slimline one. I'd agree with what woby-tide has said re pans and even larger crockery eg casserole dishes. We have also had an issue with our dinner plates being too large as they catch the spinner arms (don't know correct name) and occassionally have knocked it down. When ours needs replacing we are altering a cupboard to fit a full-size one in instead.
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    Thank you all very much! It's great to get opinions from people who use these things rather than just a kitchen planner, lol.

    I'm re-jigging things a bit now to get the standard size one.
  • have had both, we a re family of 7 and I found teh slimeline one was on ALL the time with us, yet the larger one is only on twice a day. I know our family is a little larger than yours but my point is I feel that the wider one is better value for money, however I would have a slimline if no choice as a D/W is better than sliced bread!
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    as mummy to four says ( even though i am sure that should be 5)

    we had both first the slimline then a full size and its all down to practicality..

    if the washing bowl being of centre bothers you more than the size of dishwasher then go for the smaller one..

    but beware the smaller one we had uses the same amount of water and electricty that the larger one does.....
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    I'd defo go for the full size one.. have always had full size and although now there are only 2 of us its still full up once a day if I am cooking a meal from scratch , which is most days...
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    i plan kits too and if you have space go for 60cm, because of the internal architecture slimlines are always more complex internally and the kiss idea is always the best i say to myself, also economy will be v similar and also we buy 60cm cheaper than any 45cm and so you should be able to buy a better spec 60cm for the same money, go for something half decent though, smeg orbital arm system always superior performance imho, as a guide you should be able to pick up Free standing a rated 14 place setting 5 yr parts and labour should be around 299 integ a rated 2 or 3 yrs cant remember 349 ish
  • We have just replaced out 18 year old hotpoint slim line with another hotpoint slim line dishwasher.

    We looked at putting a full sized on in and removeing a bottle rack be went for another SL as it had never been a problem for our family of what was 2+2 now is 4 adults, it often deals with dishes from 10 people (suposed to be 9 place settings) but you could fit more in our older one. The newer dishwashers use a different layout inside larger baskets for the top layer so are a little more restrictive than our old one but this was the same for the larger ones too, vertical space in the lower part is limited in them all. so sticking all the pans in there is no longer possible with 4 sets of dishes so we now wash a few of the pans. My mum has never been liked putting pans in the dishwasher anyway.
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