Advce on packages please !?

Hi All

I would love some advice , we are moving into a new pad and all our bills , TV , phone and broadband services are all going to start afresh , the thing I don’t want to do is makie a mistake and sign a contract with a provider that I shouldn’t of !#

The place is already wired up for Virgin/NTL , although it`s obviously just sat there waiting for me to call Virgin or not , it has virgin phone points and BT ones , and it has a line capable of up to 8mg blah blah on the broadband !

Has anyone got advice or opion on which services I should try and choose , ie BT or not to BT ! etc ?
Not sure which forum to put this in so went for this one as it mentions one of the services !



  • From personal experience I would stay clear of Eclipse. I am on their 18.99 package, 8mb speeds etc.

    However, actual speeds are around 1.5Mbps, thats after complaining, < 1Mbps before, even though line rated at 7Mbps.

    After a number of complaints Eclipse said gives preference on line speeds to those paying more. I'm sure the regulators and trading standards would be interested in that interpretation.

    If I had cable I would go with Virgin.

    Will be interested to see what others think as changing mine at the end of January.

    Edit: Re Virgin though, read the topics below yours, may not be that good
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