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Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this but I'm looking for some advice. We took out a hosting contract with a company in May 2006 (the company has since changed hands and is now trading under a different name) under our old company name which is now no longer trading and is no longer registered. We used the service for a year and cancelled by phone in May 2007 and were advised at the time that everything was OK and the account was marked as closed.

Since May we've heard nothing from them then over the Christmas period and out of the blue we have received a number of telephone calls and a letter from a debt collection agency asking for money for the service for this year. I've called the company who have taken over the old companies accounts and they've basically said tough luck we have no record of your cancellation!

As I tried to explain to them we have not used the service since our cancellation in May 07 and I believe that there has been a problem when they have looked at the old companies accounts but they just don't want to know.

Basically I'm looking for some advice as to where do we go from here?
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