Virgin Media price hike



  • Last feb we had virgin broadband installed at a special offer price for 12mnts of £10 per mnt instead of £18 per mnt, we have recentley recieved the bill in advance for jan and part of feb of which is showing the increase in price. On looking at virgins special deals we spotted that they were offering the same deal for £4.50 per mnt now.After a quick phone call and selecting the Im leaving you option, and quoting them a couple of offers that other broadband providers were offering, they asked if we would be happy with the £4.50 deal..... We snapped their hand off:jof which totals £15.50 per mnt with the phone line (free weekend calls) hope that helps
  • How did you get 8Meg for £10??? I signed up a couple of weeks ago and paid £9.99 for the 1Meg option.
    Brilliant deal if you got 8meg for same price!


    £10 a month for a year

    Up to 8MbpsUnlimited downloads‡Evening and weekend calls to UK landlinesPCguard protection for your PC document.write('[URL="javascript:show_info_for(\'PCguard\', \'PCguardinfobox\')"]icon_more_info.gif[/URL]');[URL="javascript:show_info_for('PCguard', 'PCguardinfobox')"]icon_more_info.gif[/URL]Add Virgin Free TV or a Wireless Kit for £40Free modem
  • maybe i should have clarified that it was cable i was on .. and yes i am out of my contract now as i have been on it for over 12 months...

    i assume from reading above that i should approach them and say i can get a better deal and quote some ... would they then go down in price to keep my custom ...

    cheers for all the input
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