4 Adults in comfort?

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Been looking for a Puma size car which can seat 4 adults in comfort for a long journey.  Must be slightly higher than a Fiesta for easy access and automatic.
I usually buy 2-3 year old ex motability, currently a Ford Cmax which we have had for 7 years but now has over 100k miles so thinking of changing to something a bit smaller.
All the cars we have looked at have awful back seats, usually a bench with 60/40 split and not comfortable at all.



  • Arunmor
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    What a bout a Skoda Superb, the Estate will also offer you great luggage capacity (and I think looks better).  I doubt you will find any car with more rear legroom.  2.0TDi will get you over 50mpg
  • elsien
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    Which ones have you ruled out so far?
    All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

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  • Herzlos
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    You're probably best going to a car supermarket place and sitting in a few.

    I think the ecosport is the closest newer equivalent to the C-Max though, so that may be worth looking at if you liked it.
  • Goudy
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    Going smaller is going to impact the rear seats big time as that area and the boot is where they will rob the space from.

    Going higher means looking at SUV/Crossover type cars.

    But the big headache is the auto gearbox.
    There are some ropey dry clutch systems in this market and even worse automated manual gearboxes that just won't creep.

    So perhaps have a look at something like the Suzuki Vitara, just not the ags versions, perhaps a 1.4 Boosterjet auto.

    Plenty of room but not really bigger than a Focus.
    Pretty bombproof reliability.
    Got the ride height.
    Look at higher end trim and they come with all the toys.
  • knightstyle
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    Thanks but we want a smaller economical car. I know what you are saying about automatics having had many over the years, the only one that gave trouble was in one of the very early Scenics.  
    People report problems with our current 2013 Cmax powershift box but if it is serviced properly it keeps going.  Ours is over 100k miles and still smooth and reliable, skimping the gear box oil change may save about £200 every 40k but a new box costs a lot more.
    Just looked at the Vitara and even that has the 60/40 bench seat in the back.
  • Goudy
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    My Mrs has a Vitara, manual but it'll do 50 mpg on the motorway.

    If you really want economy, auto gearbox, seating for four, high driving position and reliability, Look at the Toyota Yaris Cross, but they are pricey.
  • daveyjp
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     Rear seats which recline make a huge difference to comfort on longer journeys. I doubt there is an easy way of finding out which cars have this feature.
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    We looked at the Yaris cross, way over our budget but were at the garage, the rear doors don't open very wide, the rear seat squab is too short for adults and only a few inches space between the squab and front seat.
    I am 5ft 11ins and my knees were touching the front seat, the front seat was not fully back by the way.
    We have found this problem in many cars, they are designed for 2 adults and 2 occasionally 3 kids, not 4 adults.
  • You need a bigger car! You can’t have a limousine on a mini budget.  
    The soda seems like a good shout. 
  • Goudy
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    edited 15 February at 1:43PM
    Separate rear seats.
    Plenty of leg room front and rear.
    Large opening rear doors .
    Good view out to the road.
    You'll no doubt find plenty of ex mobility.

    Not exactly mini dimensions, but to get all that into one car takes a bit of space.

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