Faulty iPhone - 2.5 years old - Apple charging £500 for repair



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    Corrosion usually takes time and a continued level of moisture (or other corrosive)...
    Remembering an entire generation who were trained to blow into the port to 'fix' connection problems! :D 
    Used a needle to clear a old phone port out & the amount that came out was scary..
    Need to be careful doing that as well - I've watched people put in the end of a paperclip and wiggle... 
    At least they did not try to charge it wirelessly in the microwave!
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    Exodi said:
    MikeJXE said:
    Exodi said:
    robbie_28 said:
    legendary customer service
    That's made my morning.

    Apple is a regular topic on this forum for its opportunistic practices. The company is the epitome of anti-consumerism. To what circles do you belong to believe they have 'legendary customer service'?

    As usual with these threads, they will obfuscate the issue (while simultaneously denying it's due to inherent fault) and leave you with the options of either paying for a technical assessment of the damage (which they will inevitably also reject) or just sucking it up.

    Apple has always been like this.
    That is simply not true

    I have used Apple since it brought out the iMac in 1998. MacBooks, iPads and iPhone since 2008

    Yes I have had problems with them all and used the Apple Store as my first call, never been rejected.

    1st MacBook split coffee on and they couldn't recover it, another MacBook stupidly did the same and they did recover it after 5 hours left in the store, it could only run on charger. no charge.

    Had software issues with iPhone and had a fix in store, hardware issue fixed in store by replacing with new, all out of warranty 

     I have never been charged once.

     If you're not happy with Apple that's Ok use Samsung and best of luck getting the same level of  service 
    Sorry for insulting Apple, but please don't turn this into Apple v Samsung.

    Out of interest, which part did you find 'simply not true'?

    That they are the epitome of anti-consumerism? Are there any of these points you particularly disagree with then - Apples monopolistic app store? Apples continued efforts to prevent third party repairs (though I'm sure the indoctrinated with repeat the mantra that this is something to do with ensuring the quality of repairs)? Apples slowing down of older phones which they were successfully sued for? Apples charging port monopoly (changing the port every generation was a household joke in itself, Apple had to be forced to USB C by court ruling)?

    Or that their service division may not be as consumer-minded as their marketing would have you believe? You only need to spend a couple of minutes searching this forum to see examples of that.

    I'm not going to be disingenuous here, because I understand people don't make threads that say 'Apple repaired my product no problem, nothing to report', but clearly it's a stretch for you to say what I said is simply not true...

    It's obviously fantastic news to hear that you are a loyal long-time Apple user and despite reporting that you have broken so much Apple stuff over the last 15+ years, you are able to inform us that Apple has fortunately never once on a single occasion charged you a single penny.
    Could not agree more. Generally, if the product can be replaced in store (ie their SOP allows for an instant replacement) then you’re more likely to get it. Apple doesn’t want customers having blazing rows with the manager/supervisors of the store for being told no (ruins the ‘prestige’ image of the store having someone shouting obscenities), so are more willing to replace and take it on the chin. But the second that it has to be repaired, or the SOP says to send it off for a more technical assessment, or they haven’t got a replacement in store, it’ll end up at the depot. The depot is where the person who has the checklist to reject the claim will work their ‘magic’ to find any loophole to reject the claim. 

    Some people have a great opinion of Apple. I actually use their phones, AirPods, iPad, and a few other devices. They look good, and when they work I really like them. But I wouldn’t say they have good customer service. It’s variable, and for the same product with the same issue - it can vary week on week - employee to employee, store to store. To me, having to roll the dice to luck out with a good employee, at a good store, where the SOP is ambiguous/says to deal with in store isn’t good customer service. 
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