Easyjet website crash?

Just tried to spend my remaining Easyjet vouchers before the deadline of midnight on 31 Jan.

The website kept giving error messages, and finally froze. 

Might that be due to lots of others trying to do the same? Anyone else had the same problem?

A bit gutted as I'd already checked out loads of destinations, and had almost given up hope of finding anywhere worth going on the small amount left on my voucher - then I gave it one last go and finally found decent flights to Jersey, only to be unable to book them!


  • cymruchris
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    Looking at the various 'is it down?' websites that collate reports when people can't connect to a website - there's no significant downtime listed for the last 24 hours (and more) - usually when a website goes down - the reports go shooting up within a minute or two - and I can't see that in any of the data - so although you might have experienced it being down - I wouldn't think it affected many. 
    An ex-bankrupt on a journey of recovery. Feel free to send me a DM reference credit building credit cards from the usual suspects :) Happy to help others going through what I've been through!
  • la531983
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    I think leaving it until the last evening of the last day was potentially asking for it, mind.
  • I spent all day yesterday trying to get my flight booked online.  Continually being told there was an error, used laptop and mobile.  I rang customer services many times, only to be disconnected.  I tried Messenger too, no avail.
    15.15 I resorted to Whatsapp.
    16.09, Haba  started a chat. He took all the details of the voucher and told me there was an issue with the vouchers, but not to worry someone from the back office team would be in touch within 72 hours.
    21.56 Whatsapp'd Easyjet again because I had read an online newspaper report that bookings had to be made through Customer Services by 31st, yet I had been informed that I had to wait up to 72 hours for Customer Services to get back to me. I asked them to clarify.
    03.37 Unathi started a chat.They checked it out and gave me a Case Ref. ID number at 03.56
    03.58  I asked if I would be able to use a second Voucher I still had.
    04.02 Supplied second voucher number as requested.
    04.10 Hello?
    04.16 Hello?
    04.24 Hello?
    04.35 Hello?
    At this point I gave up.
    07.16 Contact from Wonga
    07.23 Session ended because they had not heard from me.

    Did anyone successfully use their voucher yesterday?

  • Sybdibs
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    I also had this problem - I was on the website for 6 hours solidly (admittedly on the 31st Jan, but still - that was the deadline that they chose to give so we were within our rights to make the booking on this day up until midnight).  But it did not seem to be a website crash as it very happily let us buy a whole flight without the vouchers when we, at one point late on in the night, by mistake forgot to press apply after putting the voucher code in (website input fatigue and concentration lapsed.). It immediately took out £348 from our account. We immediately cancelled it for the princely sum of £50 (for admin fees!!!! SCANDALOUS), but as yet have had no refund or confirmation that we have cancelled it. I think it is outrageous. I feel that we have effectively had our money stolen from us by Easyjet as we were never given the option of the money to be refunded in the first place (covid refund as mentioned by original poster), it was only ever going to be given to us in the form of vouchers. Now we have bought a flight we cannot use as can't afford that as well as a hotel.  Capitalism at its worst! So the error message which kept appearing as though we couldnt book the flight was a total red herring as we most definitely could when vouchers werent' involved - even though it looked on the face of it that they had accepted the vouchers (a nice green tick appeared in the box to show it accepted them). So what was the error? It didnt' explain it and noone was available to answer. So we have lost our only holiday for this year and our first one in 3 years. Furious.
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