IKEA Pax wardrobe or solid wood?



  • jennifernil
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    ripplyuk said:
    Having watched some YouTube videos I’m confused about whether it’s worth paying extra for a solid wood wardrobe or even if I’m getting solid wood at all. I have no knowledge about these things and there seems to be a lot of companies advertising furniture as ‘solid wood’ when it isn’t. I wouldn’t be able to tell. 

    This is the one I’m considering: https://furniture123.co.uk/julian-bowen-marlborough-3-door-wardrobe-mar210

    The IKEA Pax is significantly cheaper. It’s for a small bedroom and the wardrobe would need dismantling whenever the room needs decorating in future. From what I’ve read, the Pax is unlikely to survive that but I’m not sure if the solid wood one would either? Perhaps it would be less hassle to replace the Pax wardrobe than pay someone to dismantle and reassemble a solid wood wardrobe each time (I couldn’t do it myself). I’m not even sure if solid wood is better because I’ve read it can warp in sunlight and the room is very bright. The IKEA stuff is basically cardboard from what I can tell which makes me worry about mould. It will be on vinyl, not carpet, and I like to mop a lot so the raw edges could absorb water. 

    Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. 

    ETA: I did initially want second hand good quality wood furniture but the logistics are a nightmare and after being messed about by various Facebook marketplace/Gumtree sellers I’ve decided to buy new. 
    Looking at the pictures on the website, in particular at the thickness of the doors, it seems unlikely to me that the centre panels are of a decent thickness, so could be plywood with oak veneers.   If they are all oak, then the panels are of very thin oak!     I would be asking the seller some questions about the materials used and the thickness.

    We bought our daughter a monks bench from here.........https://www.roselandfurniture.com/collections/wardrobes

    the quality is good and the description of the materials used was accurate.   https://www.roselandfurniture.com/products/zelah-monks-bench

    Delivery was fast and it arrived in good condition.

    If you are worried about the legs getting wet when you mop the floor,  buy a set of those silicone things that you put over the legs.

  • dharm999
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    ripplyuk said:
    Thanks for the replies. I have looked at local auction houses but they don’t have anything that would fit. It’s a very small terraced house and even a simple double wardrobe has no chance of being manoeuvred around the top of my stairs. I think this is probably why large second hand furniture is so cheap and sometimes it can’t even be given away; It’s impossible to get it into the house. Whatever I buy will have to be assembled in the room. I’ve thought about a built-in wardrobe but it seems much more expensive. People seem to pay thousands for it. Also, the position of my windows and layout of the room would make it difficult to find a suitable place. 

    I won’t be assembling the wardrobe, whatever I buy. I’ll be hiring a man for that. I’m wondering if the ‘solid wood’ one I linked to will be easier to move each time I redecorate but perhaps it wouldn’t be much different to the Pax. 
    Lots of large furniture comes apart easily.  We bought an antique triple wardrobe that split into five parts, the three wardrobe bits, the drawers underneath and the top.  We have awkward stairs, with two 90 degree turns, and managed to get it up the stairs.

    Alternatively, if you are looking to get built-in, try freecycle, sliding wardrobe doors come up on there regularly, so you’d have to get them fitted.
  • swingaloo
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    I have the PAX. I got them last year. I have 3 doubles and built them myself (female aged 70), they are not that difficult. You put them together lay down then stand them. I love them and the range of inners you can choose is great, you can tailor them to exactly what you need.  If you get them then just remember that because you put them together before standing them that you need to allow extra ceiling height as when you stand them they are at an angle so need extra height allowed.
    They are solid and I am more than happy with them.

  • ripplyuk
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    I’m in the middle of nowhere but there’s an Oak Furnitureland just over an hour’s drive away so I might go and have a look there and ask the staff about what way it is delivered. If it comes apart into sections, that would be very useful for when it needs moved in future. The Pax looks to be the most versatile and adding a mirrored door would be nice but the room gets full sun for most of the day so maybe that would be a fire risk. John Lewis seem to be out of stock of most triple wardrobes. Marks & Spencer also have one I like but again, I have no knowledge about the quality of their wood or if it’s worth the money: https://www.marksandspencer.com/nord-triple-wardrobe/p/ftp60648850?prevPage=srp#intid=pid_pg1pip48g4r10c2|prodflag_New

    I will keep looking at the auctions but a lot of it seems to be big, dark brown furniture. I don’t want wood that dark because it will overpower the tiny room. Of course, knowing Sod’s Law, as soon as I give in and spend a fortune on a brand new wardrobe, the perfect second hand one will come up at auction! 
  • ripplyuk
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    @swingaloo When you built the Pax were you able to move them into position yourself? They seem to be extremely heavy. The one I’m looking at weighs 123kg! 
  • Postik
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    I have a triple Pax wardrobe in my daughter's bedroom and a double in my office.  I would say they are typical Ikea furniture - not flimsy but not really thick and solid either.  I would not fancy taking them apart and putting them back together.

    In fact I saw on someone's blog they made the mistake of constructing it laid out on the floor, which is the way to do it if your ceilings are high enough.  But if not, you need to construct it standing up because otherwise you won't be able to tilt it upright without it fouling the ceiling.  They had to take it apart and after putting it back together a second time it had lost its strength, and they had to go out and buy a new frame.
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    We've got 4 double pax wardrobes in our dressing room. We assembled them our selves, pretty easy to do. They have been dismantled twice for decorating and no issues putting them back together again. They were massively cheaper than built in, we considered getting them made to look built in as theyre pretty much the length of the room but we figured it would make the room look a fair bit smaller than it is and we like having the storage on top. 

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    ripplyuk said:
    @swingaloo When you built the Pax were you able to move them into position yourself? They seem to be extremely heavy. The one I’m looking at weighs 123kg! 
    The only time I had help was when I stood them up after putting the frame together. You have a square and because the back or doors are not on you have to keep them completly square as you raise them. My neighbour helped me do that.
    The real weight comes when you put the shelves in and the doors on which is done once they are in situ so you dont need to move the full unit.
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    You can make pax wardrobes look built in quite easily. If you make them 'built in' or even had 'solid wood' wardrobes made for your room by a builder as suggested earlier, you wouldn't need to move them when you decorate as you'd just decorate up to the wardrobe. 

    In my experience, pax wardrobes are just as good as the wardrobes you get from the likes of Sharps and the amount of customization you can do with different internals is impressive. 
  • daveyjp
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    I've moved double PAX wardrobes whilst in one piece.  Once empty they aren't that difficult to move about.  Taking the doors off (especially if mirrored) makes it even easier.
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