Do you have a Kia Picanto- a very dangerous feature you need to be ware of that is not in the manual

I have recently had an accident in my Picanto. I had parked on a hill and assumed that my Hill Assist Function would work. It didn't and I rolled backwards damaging my car. I took it to a Kia Garage, who then explained that Hill Assist DOES NOT work, if you try to use it from standing. It only works once the car has moved forward. I was lucky that I only damaged the car - imagine if you rolled back into a child!


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    Doesn't it work like the Olden Days ones from the 1950s & 60s?

    You pull up with the footbrake, and then when the pressure in the gearbox fell at idle it actuated a valve in the back brakes that kept the pressure applied. Pressing the accelerator operated a switch that released the valve.

    Turning the ignition off would release the pressure.

    The point being that you need to apply footbrake pressure for it to activate, I suspect the modern system is the same, and you start the engine, hold your foot on the brake hard and release the handbrake, and then it should keep the back brakes on.

    My car has it, but I have no idea if or when it works as I just use the handbrake & footbrake as normal.

    I want to go back to The Olden Days, when every single thing that I can think of was better.....

    (except air quality and Medical Science ;))
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    I'm sure I heard on a training course someone saying that the word "assume" usually made an "!!!!!!" out of "you" and "me"....
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    I think mine has hill assist but I'm not sure. I only release the (manual) handbrake when I feel the clutch begin to bite. So I never give it chance to roll back and have no idea whether it would
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    I’ve always used my left foot in conjunction with my right foot for hill starts. 
    When you feel the clutch bite - release the handbrake and continue to use a combination of right and left feet to gently pull away.
    No need for these new fangled things that sometimes work and sometimes don’t
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    Hill start Assist Control is a comfort function. The main intend is to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards while driving off uphill on an inclined surface. HAC holds the braking pressure built-up by driver during stopping procedure for 2 seconds after releasing brake pedal.

    During the pressure-hold period, the driver has enough time to press the accelerator pedal to drive off.

    The braking pressure is reduced as soon as the system detects the driver’s intention to drive off.


    The HAC is usually activated only for 2 seconds. The driver should be careful from the rolling backward causing the accident with behind objects or human, when the driver may feel the unintended rolling backward while driving off on hill due to insufficient brake hold pressure built-up by driver during stopping procedure.

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    If there was a child behind a competent driver  would not do anything until the hazard is clear 
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    Oh dear!

    Driver blames car for accident
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