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Many fixed rate ISAs only allow you to deposit funds in the first 30 days. Your money is then locked away for the fixed period eg 1 year. However, I understand that some providers allow you to make additional deposits during the entire fixed period. How do I easily find out which providers allow you to do this without trawling through all the current fixed ISAs' terms and conditions currently on offer?


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    I don't think there is a way apart from looking at each one's T&Cs.  Barclays is the only one that I know of that does allow additional deposits but they don't have the best rates.  I'm not sure why you would want to do that anyway. If you have more money to add when the ISA is 6 months old you'll only get 6 months of a 1 year fixed. From 6th April you can open more than 1 cash ISA per year so why not open at the best rate you can then once you've collected some more money simply open another at the best rate?
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    I have a Fixed Rate Shawbrook ISA I opened in October and I am still adding to it. I opened with a transfer from elsewhere, added some of this years ISA and have added a further transfer and more of this year's ISA.  They are very helpful if you phone I confirmed I could do this, but probably worth checking this is still the case.  Rates have dropped a little since I opened mine, but good to have the flexibility to add money.  

    I also have a Lloyds Member Fixed Rate ISA I opened in July that I have just transferred a maturing ISA to, which has come in useful now rates are dropping so much as still getting the better rates.
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