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  • trickydicky14
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    Farway said:
    If I require a quality camera, I would not buy a phone.
    Nor would I buy a phone with a camera built in.
    I would buy a quality camera from a specialist retailer.

    Why is that?

    I find having a camera useful on my phone.
    All in the context of requiring a quality camera.

    Nothing wrong, per se, with a phone having a camera built in.  Still not what I'd go for if I wanted a quality camera.
    Indeed but the question is why you wouldn't buy a phone with an inbuilt camera?

    I haven't said that I wouldn't buy a phone with an inbuilt camera.

    I have said that if I required a quality camera (which is what the OP wanted) I wouldn't buy a phone with an inbuilt camera.  For a quality camera, a dedicated device will facilitate a better camera than any camera built into a phone.

    I understand the sentiment in your comments and taking it to the limits, you are probably correct when you talk about ‘the very best quality’ but let me recall a story when I did lots of photography.

    I use to have my own darkroom, do all my own printing and enter club competitions.

    Then digital photography was born, like many others, I said at the time it would never produce the quality of roll film and at the time I was right. But very soon it got better and better till now traditional film is very much a niche market.

    The point I’m making is phone cameras are improving by the day and rapidly closing the gap when it comes to quality.

    Yes, I would love to have a Nikon in my hands but I think the trade off having a top of the range phone camera is shrinking.

    Just my view.

    And the circle is nearly complete with a lot of digital photographers trying to now get the"film look" having found digital is “too good”, sharp etc.

    Yes, as they say what goes round comes round. I for one loved working with film, using grain and blur and hand tinting prints on fibre-based papers bring it on.

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  • B0bbyEwing
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    Oh jeez. Some of the responses in this thread. People really not getting it. 
  • A._Badger
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    Thank you to the few who actually answered my question. I really don’t need to be told how great a real camera is over a phone. I took photos on 35mm and medium format for over 30 years. And I can also say, I have seen photos taken on camera phones that are stunning. Just wanted to see what was available.

    Likewise. Someone asked David Bailey which was the best camera to use and his answer was 'whichever one is in your hand' He was, of course, right. It's no good having the best camera in the world in a bag back home when that once in a lifetime shot appears in front of you.

    To answer the question, by the way, probably not the absolute best but of exceptional quality and offering excellent value, have a look at the Xiaomi range. I have their Redmi Note 10 Pro and have been very impressed by the quality.
  • Miser1964
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    edited 23 January at 10:59PM
    Sony Xperia PRO-I, it's uses the same sensor etc. that's in Sony's RX100 III camera and will take images in RAW as well as JPEG plus gives you full manual control if that's what you want instead of 'point and shoot'.

    Using the PRO-I same experience as with a mirrorless camera, lens choice apart.

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