Vodafone broadband 12.7% price increase

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Hi all,

After reading a number or articles coming out about price rises of broadband I am shocked to see how understated Vodafone broadband price increases are and useful for people to be aware of.

Based on the details in their contract the price increase is based on
(pre discounted rate) x (CPI + 3.9%)

So let's take their 900mb line currently on sale for £36 a month. The pre discounted monthly rate which lasts the entire length of the fixed contract is apperantly £58 a month

So £58 x (7.9%) = £4.58 

Effective price increase of 12.72% (£40.58 vs old price of £36)

I assume others aren't doing this aswell but would love to hear peoples views.



  • MeteredOut
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    edited 19 January at 4:50PM
    As if a CPI+ increase is not bad enough, using the pre-discounted rate as the baseline is shameless. I really wish more people would move from these blood-sucking tariffs.

    I'm still on a O2 £10 PAYG contract that gives me unlimited calls & texts and enough data to suit me. The monthly cost not increased since I started in it March 2016, but during that time, the GB allowance has become incrementally more generous. Its a 1 minute job once a month to top-up. And, I actually get 10% back every 3 months as credit via their rewards scheme.
  • MorningcoffeeIV
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    plunt said:

    I assume others aren't doing this aswell but what love to hear peoples views.

    I think you'll find they are.

    Not sure what sort of views you want. You can either go with a provider that has an annual increase, or go for one that doesn't, but pay more from the start.
  • Bendo
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    Plusnet price rise is based in the price you pay.

    Before going with Plusnet I did check Vodafone,  the terms on their website does suggest it should be off the price you pay as that is the advertised priced, but seen far to many reports of underhand methods like described in the OP being included once signed up.

    Frankly Vodafone are rubbish as an ISP, rubbish with customer service and evidently potentially underhand with their price rises

    Plenty of much better providers out there that dont scrape the bottom on the barrel.

  • brewerdave
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    Bendo said:
    Plusnet price rise is based in the price you pay.

    PN had a problem with their accounting systems last year ,where many people DID get charged an increase based on the pre discounted price; got sorted in the end but not for several months after the increase !!
  • FreeBear
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    Bendo said:
    Plusnet price rise is based in the price you pay.
    Virgin claim to be the same. Will find out in April if they stick to their word....

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  • molerat
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    Had it a few years back with EE mobile paying £5 for a £15 contract with £10 discount.    They kept the discount at £10 and didn't soften the blow by increasing that in line.

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