Mobile and Broadband in-contract price rises

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Have you experienced an in-contract price rise to your mobile and/or broadband? We want to hear from you.

How big was the price rise?

Were you expecting the price rise?

How did the price rise impact your monthly budget?


  • molerat
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    Got away with both mobile and BB last year with Plusnet by starting new contracts.  Mobile was 6GB/UL/UL for £6 but changed to 5GB/UL/UL for £6, much higher allowance than I use anyway.  BB was paying £25.13 and managed an early re contract at £21.99 increased to £25.15 which with the changeover bills worked out at £24.35 pm over the past year.  Not going to be so lucky this year with the BB and will be moving mobile anyway.
  • Nebulous2
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    I've three vodafone contracts, two mobiles and broadband. The broadband started at a good rate, £25 pm, by comparison with other packages of the same speed and allowances, but jumped to £28.60 in April. I will have another rise before my contract ends. CPI plus 3.9% wasn't so onerous in the past, but with higher inflation and an increase in two year as opposed to one year contracts it has become a real irritant. 
  • Kim_13
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    No, the broadband is Virgin Media so the first in-contract rise isn’t until this April - and for many it will likely be worse than expected as it seems they base it on an arbitrarily assigned package price which the customer has never paid, rather than the amount they agreed to pay when taking out the contract - which after all is what matters to them. Also RPI+%, rather than CPI - the average consumer may have just assumed all firms are doing the same, when RPI is actually a higher figure.

    I reached the end of my minimum term (with handset) with O2 just prior to their introducing in-contract rises in 2013 (then straight RPI and not this +3.9% baking in future inflation.) I decided to take a pay as you go bundle deal elsewhere out of principle rather than taking a sim only deal with them. With mobiles you can still vote with your feet in this way, but where broadband is concerned it has been made all but impossible.
  • liggerz87
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    Got hit with three in 2019 took out a Samsung galaxy fold for 103 a month I know not very much money saving of me lol that had one price increase as I got the phone end of march so would miss that years increase had an additional line that was 20 a month that got hit for 2 so 103 went to like I think between 113 to 120 and the 20 went up like to 23 .

    Then I got a pixel 6 pro at 53 a month that jumped up to 60 as that got hit by 2 increases I kept the additional at SIM only for like 13 a month once the 20 contract had run out I upgraded that to a pixel 7 pro as I cracked the svr6of my pixel 6 pro that's currently 63 a month but missed last year increase it's got 17 months left of contract that was with EE IV now moved the SIM that was 103 to 1p mobile pay 10 a month get 25gb data unlimited calls and txt once we contract it up I'll move the other SIM tobest price EE could do was 18 a month 25gb data unlimited calls txt but was 12 month SIM only
  • I had a contract with EE for mobile phones last year due to end in February 2023. I deliberately waited until April 2023 so that when I phoned up to negotiate the new contract that I wouldn't get hit with a RPI increase. That ended up reducing the cost for 2 mobiles and a watch down to £16 per month from about £23 previously and that would have gone up by about 17%. I also had a contract with BT for broadband, which was about £41 per month and was on a 2 year contract but was only halfway through. I phoned up BT anyway to say that I was unhappy about the RPI increase and they reduced it to £38 per month rather than the £46 or £47 that it would have gone up to.

    The main issue for me around Broadband is that it seems that you have to sign up to a 24 month contract. The RPI increases are a disgrace but this is made worse by being forced onto these long contracts. OFCOM have ignored the long contracts as an issue and I would like to see MSE pushing for long contract lengths to be removed.

    If RPI was to continue, which hopefully won't happen, I advise everyone to wait until the start of April to renew their contracts and haggle as much as possible at that point.
  • BobT36
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    Sky want to raise mine by 41%...
  • dazkool1979
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    Just got an e-mail from Three saying that my current sim-only deal (8GB data, ultd calls & txts for £8.67) is no longer available. They are now advising me that if I don't respond or carry on using their service, I will be moved to their 1month sim-only deal (same terms as above), but the cost is £16 a month! They also offered me 12-month and 24-month sim deals (both 12GB data with ultd calls & txts) for £11 and £10 a month respectively with annual rises of CPI +3.9%.

    Time to shop around, I think!
  • TooOldToDieYoung
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    BT contract ended, stuck with DV and now paying around £50 per month. So, no mobile coverage on any provider as we are in the mobile desert, Check out Ofcom's maps for all the main providers. I want to change the deal and cannot because of losing the phone line,  How do I get a call with the other deals? All the deals say broadband-only. No Digital Voice (DV clinic appointment this week). Do you have any BT people coming to the studio to answer questions? And you thought the Post Office thing was a scam. Gone up from around £39.
  • foxandflowers
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    I'm in contract with Sky for Gigafast internet. I moved in September 2023 using their "Whole Home" move package and I was paying £47 per month prior. Without telling me, they put my payments up to £58 a month because as I'd moved apparently I'd entered a new contract. When I log on to Sky now, it tells me that my broadband contract has expired and I can renew for £58, but when I tried to talk to them about changing my package, I was informed I was in contract until May. 

    Absolutely backwards. 
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