Independently Booked Flights have Become Useless Because of Cruise Port Change


We had a cruise booked for October and booked our flights & the cruise separately (cruise was booked by a travel agent, I booked the flights on the Jet2 website).  The cruise was due to go out of Barcelona and return to Barcelona so we booked flights with Jet2 once we'd booked our cruise - paid a deposit for the cruise and had to pay for the flights in full at the time of booking.  We all have annual travel insurance so that was in place before the cruise or the flights were booked.

Since booking, the cruise company has been in touch to say the final port (our disembarkation port) has changed so we can either stick with the cruise or canx it.  As the disembarkation port different, it doesn't work for our flights anymore so we have canx the cruise.  But Jet2 won't refund our flights.  We have contacted our travel insurance companies and they won't cover our "lost" flights.

Is there anything we can do or will we just lose our flights (and the money we paid for them) as they are no good to us anymore now we've canx the cruise? 

We can't use the flights for anything else as the cruise has been canx and we can't find a "replacement" cruise for the same dates.

Thanks in advance.


  • eskbanker
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    If this scenario isn't covered by your travel insurance, and you don't have any protection under the Package Travel Regulations (by virtue of making independent bookings), and you've already cancelled the cruise, then I can't see any other options, unless you fancy spending a week (or whatever) in Barcelona?
  • Westin
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    Ditto above.

    One of the draw backs and pit falls of booking your trip items separately and not as a cruise+fly package.  Not Jet2's fault, not a travel insurance matter and the cruise company have given you options, one being to cancel which is what it seems you have done. The cost of the Jet2 flights to from BCN is unfortunately down to you as a loss.  Had you booked as a cruise+fly package you would have likely had protection and the tour operator would have had to provide alternative flights if you wished to continue with the cruise.

    Where was the new disembarkation port? Would it have been that difficult to fly in/out of a near by airport?

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    Its basically a disinclination to travel... the airline were only in contract to get you to Barcelona, they are still offering to do that so you have no grounds for a refund either from the airline or travel insurance. 

    This is where packages come into their own because everything becomes interconnected and if things no longer work then the whole package can be cancelled. 

    In future it's better to buy a package, buy flexible tickets so you can change them or accept it as a cost risk in exchange for saving money. Was it not realistic to just buy different return tickets rather than waste all of the flights/cruise? Otherwise, enjoy a holiday in Barcelona. 
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    Thanks for your replies.  I thought as much (with regards to your answers) but thought I'd ask just in a last ditch attempt in case someone had a "miracle" solution.  :)

    We haven't canx the flights (but have canx the cruise, to get our deposits back, as we had to decide by tomorrow) and will decide nearer the time to either canx or amend to another destination/date but we've got until October to decide that.

    Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to respond to me. :smiley:
  • NoodleDoodleMan
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    A passing thought that probably won't fly (groan) - would Jet2 allow you to exchange your return flight booking for a package holiday deal in the area ?
    They list Costa Barcelona.
    That would depend on them having a package that syncs in with their available accommodation and dates etc. and your flights - and you'd need to pay any difference obviously.
    Worth a try ?
  • penners324
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    Wouldn't booking a different flight home from the new finish port been a better option?
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