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Compensation for boiler not being fixed

Hello everyone,

My boiler broke on the 27th of November and has yet to be fixed. I'm with a housing association - they came out the day of and said a part was faulty, needed replacing and they need to order it in. I hadn't heard anything so called them on the 13th for an update. They said they had the part but it was "an availability issue". It's completely unacceptable it could have been done and hasn't, especially at this time of year. I'm asthmatic and have a child at home. 

I'm going to ask for compensation when it does eventually get fixed because i'm sure my electricity bill is going to be sky high with the small heaters in use. So my question is, how much is a reasonable ask?


  • Gavin83
    Gavin83 Posts: 8,725
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    How much higher is your electricity bill than normal?
  • Can't read it from here - what does the tenancy agreement or HA website say about such matters of compo please?

    (there may be compo clauses going the other way...)
  • sammyjammy
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    Thank goodness the weather has been so mild!
    "You've been reading SOS when it's just your clock reading 5:05 "
  • LelleUK
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    The weather shouldn't have any bearing on a property having a working boiler or not. But yes, glad it's been mild. 

    My tenancy agreement states "If we have failed to carry out certain types of repair that we should carry out under this agreement, there are statutory regulations which give tenants the right to have certain repairs carried out. You may also be entitled to compensation."
  • pramsay13
    pramsay13 Posts: 1,919
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    Is it fixed now? 
    I think wait until it is fixed and then ask for compensation equal to the extra you have paid in electricity minus what you would have paid in gas, that would be reasonable. 
  • LelleUK
    LelleUK Posts: 13
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    No, it's not fixed and I don't know when it will be. If i knew it would have taken this long I would have taken meter readings the day of but I was under the impression these repairs are done in a timely fashion. 
    I was thinking of asking for the difference in energy so that could be a plan.
  • RelievedSheff
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    How can you prove the difference in electricity use without the meter readings?

    It's far from ideal obviously but at least they are trying to fix it. Parts availability isn't the housing associations problem unfortunately. 
  • LelleUK
    LelleUK Posts: 13
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    They have the part, they told me on the 13th when I called. This could have been resolved by now. It says that in the post. 
  • I've estimated 50p per person per day using my electric water heater - so that's give or take good point to start if you don't have meter readings.
    30 days, 2 people 30*2*0.5=£30.

    Then I guess you can add up to that for inconvenience of "boiling water" for bath using kettle (sorry not sure how you do that) making it £100 - they will have their say to that.
    But I guess what's most important is that it gets fixed quickly rather than getting "pennies" for inconvenience 😠
  • silvercar
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    Contact your local councillor, they are usually good at prompting a HA into action.

    Comparisons with water heaters are only useful if you actually have a water heater! Otherwise it’s a trip to the local swimming baths, or wherever else you can get a shower. If you are going to add up the extra electricity bill, you need to deduct the saving on your gas bill. I’d be more irritated by the lack of heating.
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