8000 litres in 1 day!?

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I just moved into a new flat I bought. I checked the meter when I moved in and it said 384. 

I just had the bill through from the water company (Affinity water) and it says my meter the next day was 391! (That is the day it said 384 and I have a photo to show it). 

They think I’ve used 8,000 litres in 1 day. 

I’m not actually in the flat right now to check what it is after 2 weeks but that is clearly an error. I understand it’s also estimated. 

Is this normal for the estimate to be so off? 


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    It's odd to be billed so soon after moving in.
    Have they actually charged you for 8 cubic metres of water? Or have they just mis-estimated the handover reading?
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    The bill says 16/12. I moved in on the 8/12. 

    I already paid £31 initially as they requested that. And they have charged me around £18 for that 8 cubic metered of water. I’m in credit still luckily 😂

  • Yes unlikely you've used 8000 litres in a day unless you've got a very serious leak! You really need to find what the meter says now.
    It's odd that on the bill the it says they read the meter at 391 on the 8th, then they estimate you've used 8000 litres. Very confusing, is the 391 an estimate or an actual reading?
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    There's a large bit of text on the right hand side of the bill saying they've not read the meter and it's an estimate.
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  • To be clear on my account it says 

    7/12 383 manual reading 
    8/12 391 estimated reading 

    when I moved in on 8/12 the meter was 384 and I have a photo of it. 

    My question is why would they estimate 8,000 litres in one day - and date the bill 16/12?

    Very strange. 

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    That bill is a total mess.
    They haven't charge you, they refunding you £17.66  for using -800l but show it as 8,000l
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  • If it’s an estimated reading, it can take them a while to work out what ‘normal’ usage looks like for you. Your best bet is to give them regular actual readings to base the bills off. If this bill was going to leave you in hardship you could potentially challenge it, but that’ll be a lot harder without the actual reading.
  • The meter shows 2,000 litres for the 16 days since 8th Dec - which is clearly more realistic 😂
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