Poor quality Samsung combi oven



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    Regardless of what brand you buy your first port of call should nearly always be the retailer as your Consumer Rights with the retailer are normally much 'stronger' than warranty rights with the manufacturer.
  • neilied said:
    Had a call from Samsung today. Warranty is for technical faults only. Mentioned the corrosion and they said not covered. Passed me to customer service and got a very patronising script reading chap who said the end of line is with him and he upholds the decision. I asked that on a consumer aspect I wish to complain and he responded with that will be fine but as he has made the decision any complain will be dealt with internally and I would not receive a response. SaidI would raise this further with retailer and was told that is fine but if it in turn comes back to the, they would not entertain any further communication regarding the closed matter. Wow. Polar opposite to my dealing with Shark a few weeks ago who video called to confirm issues with vacuum and sent 2 parts within 12 hours for me to change out myself. And still have a further 30 months warranty on the product.
    I don’t entirely disagree with Samsung. Samsungs warranty goes beyond the consumer rights (which are with retailer, not manufacturer). From what you’ve said, this is cosmetic damage currently. Most warranties only include technical failures - meaning that cosmetic damage isn’t included. Unless you can find somewhere in the warranty that says this should be covered, you’ll be wasting your time with Samsung. As warranties are above your legal rights they can be as exclusive or inclusive as they want; and have terms that you have to follow (like pre-registering the device/paying for labour etc). 

    I would go back to the retailer. Any consumer rights are with them. As said above - worth remembering that they may ask for the device to be inspected by an independent engineer (and can even ask you to get that done; on the understanding they will pay if it goes in your favour and shows an inherent fault). I personally think rust and chipped enamel is going to be hard to prove - once a chip has occurred (often through something scraping it) then water can enter and cause rust damage. Unless the device was provided to you chipped (and if so, why not report it then?), I think the issue will be whether a chip has occurred because of a failure of the device or whether that’s user inflicted. I’m by no means an expert - so can’t weigh in. 

    But your consumer rights have nothing to do with the manufacturer unless they sold it to you directly. Complaining ‘on a consumer aspect’ to Samsung will not yield anything. 

    If the retailer is a consumer friendly retailer then they may just replace it/repair it/refund it. If not, then the above applies. Just remember any refund can take off a portion of money for use bs expected lifespan. For example - if it’s thought these should last for an average of 4 years, and you got 24 months then you’ll get 50% of your money back. They have the choice whether to repair/replace or refund - but after one repair or replacement (from the retailer) then you can insist on a refund (same caveats as above). 
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    Thanks for the replies. As my previous Panasonic combi lasted almost 10 years I’d want to know a premium brand lasts over 5. I’ve got no where with Samsung and retailer seems to want to be the middle man rather than responsible at the moment. Will use for now and keep an eye on whether it becomes a fire risk with the exposed metal and first chance will replace with a sage combi-wave which was my first choice. I guess quality shows when this £200 unit is already on eBay in new condition for £110. Reviews are mixed too. I’m not wasting any more effort. Just Will brand bash them from now on. Might make a you tube of me blowing the thing up 😂
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    TBH, as far as this section goes Samsung are up there with Currys as the most posted about. 
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