3 Mobile broadband in 2023/24?

I'm thinking of getting Mobile broadband  next month and the signal looks good in the area (GL10), at least according to their website. I haven't seen any recent reviews though - any recommendations?


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    Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. Dismal service, long waiting times to get action taken and unreliable signal. I've written about my experience with them before. Signal might 'look good' - as it did with me. Heavy rain - it fell over. High winds - it fell over. The sun out on a Tuesday when Mrs Miggins was delivering bread - it fell over. When I needed it most - it fell over. You get the picture. 
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    Test with a PAYG sim 1st.
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    Slight swerve here - I went to look for my existing ISP, just to check I was out of contract. Long story short - my ISP seems to be Talktalk. It had been OVO (I think), and before that SSE. I took my eye off the ball, not kept up with the changes.
    Shock horror - i don't think I'm paying anyone! But I'm getting broadband.
    I logged into the router and my IPv4 address 92.29.xx.xxx apparently indicates it's Talktalk (according to a website)
    But I can't get help from Talktalk as I don't have an account with them.
    Any ideas?
  • Neil_Jones
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    If you were with SSE, that moved to TalkTalk 18 months ao:

    Prior to SSE, that was sold to OVO in 2020, but the broadband was later sold to TalkTalk.
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    Im with Three 5G home broadband since I moved here 4 months ago, i got it on one month rolling contract £24/month so I could make sure it was ok, and it is decent last time i checked speed it was 400Mbps DL and 80Mbps Up,  I never seen it below 150Mbps DL
  • I moved from an abysmal ADSL2+ service (Openreach/Plusnet) to Three.  I just bought a router for £50, tested it out and then signed up for a 12 months SIM only contract through Fonehouse.  Cost was around £7 per month after cashback for 100GB, just got a new 12 month SIM only contract at £12 for 120GB/month (could have had it for £10 but was too slow), might even get some cashback through Topcashback.
    Speeds vary, depending on various factors. I get around 20-30Mb/s DL and 10-20 Mb/s UL, sometimes more, sometimes less.  But you need to check at your location, so as mentioned before, get a PAYG SIM first to test before signing up to a contract.

    Strangely, their address checker tells me that they can't offer me home broadband at the moment (but offer me mobile broadband instead), so you need to check for yourself whether you get decent speeds at your location.  As mentioned above, get a PAYG SIM first to test before signing up to a contract.
    Look out for their Phone SIMs (calls/texts/data), these tend to be cheaper than their data only SIMs.  They work in routers as well.
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    are there any pitfalls in using a spare mobile phone as a router with a phone sim ?
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    km1500 said:
    are there any pitfalls in using a spare mobile phone as a router with a phone sim ?
    I know someone who does exactly that.
    Phones aren't engineered for that sort of use, and he needs to replace the phone every 6-12 months.

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