Renewed virgin contract but they say I haven’t

My Virgin contract was coming to an end, on the 12/12/23 I was offered a deal to renew online with a better price than I am currently paying so I clicked through and renewed. I have screen shots of this and an email confirmation with an order number. The next day I contacted them and they told me that I don’t have a new contract! The first person I spoke to said that I had taken a new customer offer which I was not eligible for, not true. The second person said that I hadn’t agreed terms and conditions, again not true. They suggested I renew on the phone but that I would have to pay more than the agreed contract price! I rang again the next day and have now been told to wait until next Tuesday and see if it gets added, meanwhile I am paying 3 times what I would under my new contract. I posted on the virgin site and they suggested waiting 14 WORKING days to see if it is added but a lot of customers are saying the same thing, some renewed in August and still haven’t got the agreed contract price! This surely can’t be legal, as I said I have screen shots saying that I’ve renewed and also a confirmation email. 


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    Virgins forum is full of posts like this at the moment, absolutely shocking really.
    I suspect it's incompetence rather than deliberate but victims should be bombarding Ofcom about this issue.
  • Thank you, yes, I agree. When I posted lots of people commented in the same situation. I have suggested contacting Ofcom individually, meanwhile we are all paying very high out of contract prices ☹️. 
  • Virgin have genuinely gone down the crapper recently.  I help my elderly Aunt and Uncle with their broadband.  When it came to the end of their current 18 month contract they more than tripled the amount.   I helped them contact Virgin to cancel it as they could get the same deal cheaper than the original price with another supplier.    Lo and behold, they didn't cancel the contract like they said they would and just carried on with it.    I had to contact them once again and spend over 1 and a half hours sorting it out.  They denied everything but fortunately  I had keep all the online conversations and they finally relented and admitted their mistake.   Turns out they had cancelled the phone line but not the broadband.    It's hopefully completely done now but I'm not convinced.     Needless to say I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole again - espically given that there are so many other suppliers available.
  • Interesting @peter999, it may be worth contacting OFCOM, they are investigating Virgin for making it difficult for customers to cancel and not handling complaints effectively. 
    Unfortunately for me Virgin are the only provider in my area to offer super fast BB but this will be changing very soon and a lot of people will be switching including me! 
  • Thanks sweetypie1.   I did think of complaining to OFCOM and may take that route.  I have a complaint in with Virgin for which they said they would get back to me in 5 working days - about 2 weeks ago.

    18 months ago when I last negotiated with them, my aunt and uncle had no alternative to virgin apart from a BT line that was 18 meg. It took me a couple of days negotiation with them to get a good price.    Fortunately in the 18 months that have passed, CityFibre have installed fibre down their street and are very reasonably priced.   We've now gone with them and highly recommend them (I've been with them since 2016 and they have always been cheap but offered far better speeds than anyone else).          
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    sweetypie1 said: I posted on the virgin site and they suggested waiting 14 WORKING days to see if it is added
    If you wait until 14 days have past, you'll be outside any cooling off period and so locked in. If you are going to cancel, best do it as soon as possible.
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